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Jun 6, 2011 05:04 PM

Notable reservations

I have been to Notable a few times and have liked it. However, every time I call for a reservation - no matter how far in advance - they tell me that their allotment of reserved tables is full. I find this a bit suspicious. Do they have some business plan to avoid reservations and cater to walk-in traffic?

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  1. Tell us the day and time you want to go, and let's see if we can make the reservation! I'll call and use my sexy voice!

    1. They keep half of the restaurant available for walk ins. It seems like they are always booked up at least 3-4 weeks in advance, on weekends at least. Nothing suspicious, but it is a bit odd that they turn away reservations to make sure they have tables available for walk ins. I guess it's working though. It's always packed when I'm there.

      1. The theory behind our reservation policy is that we don't want to be one of those "you absolutely cannot get in without a reservation" restaurants. Chef Noble wanted NOtaBLE to have a “community” sense of approachability, so the 50/50 walk-in to reservation ratio allows us to be open to guests who want to walk in and join us for dinner on short notice. The fact we do take some reservations allows us to still accommode guests who are celebrating special events that do not want to take the "risk" of having to wait for a walk-in table. Because we accept only a limited amount of reservations our Fridays and Saturdays do tend to book up 3-4 weeks in advance but that being said, if you come early or don't mind hanging out and waiting while you enjoy some beverages you can always join us as a walk-in. In fact, having a lot of people walk-in either early or late allows us the opportunity to serve up to 150 more guests on any one night than if we reserved the whole room ~ this too makes us accessible to many more people than if we went the exclusive route of reserving the entire dining room.

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          I totally and absolutely agree with this policy.

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            Ah, you're probably right - it's the best way. I just get annoyed when I want to reserve a table and cannot! (I sometimes dine with people who are not willing to "chance it"). Appreciate the clarification.

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              When I first read the post from shopwinefinedine I thought this was a little weird, but I'm glad you've taken the time to explain to us, because now I think its quite fair.

              I will definitely take your advice and come early or a bit later in service!