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Jun 6, 2011 04:46 PM

Looking for good food near Grand Old Opry in Nashville

We will be heading to Nashville for a couple days in a few weeks. We want to avoid chain restaurants if possible, unless it is a small local chain. We will staying near Grand Old Opry, which seems to be pretty much a culinary wasteland. Looking for places not too far from there since we will not have a car. Regarding type of food we are pretty open, but definitely would like to try some good Southern cooking and other things we don't find in Southern California.

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  1. That area IS a culinary wasteland, sorry. The only thing *reasonably* decent nearby -- and still a cab ride away if you don't have a car -- is Ellendale's.

    If you want recs in other areas, holla.

    Ellendale's Restaurant
    2739 Old Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

    1. How do you feel about Cracker Barrel?

      1. Well since there are no decent places in that area, I will expand my request to places within a short cab ride away. I don't want to spend too much on cab fare though. Does the Gaylord Opryland hotel have any good choices, or is it typical hotel food?

        I have been to Cracker Barrels before and found the food to be good. It would be an option for me, although I was hoping for a better option.

        1. Monell's just opened a location close to the airport in the former New Orleans Manor Location.

          This will be your best bet.

          New Orleans Manor
          1400 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37217

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            OMG pete k! you must be my evil twin..... :-D

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                Well if we had a car, Monell's near the airport would be a great option. But I checked online and it's a 3 mile walk from the terminal, and then 3 miles back to catch the shuttle. I know walking is a great way to work up a appetite, but was hoping for something either closer to airport and not a long cab ride from hotel..

                1. re: calphotographer

                  So you want to eat immediately upon landing, then take the airport shuttle to the hotel? Well ... cabs WILL go from the airport to the restaurant and back again. Or, a cab from the hotel to the restaurant isn't that big a deal. It's not a long cab ride by any means. I don't understand your objections.

                  1. re: TLF

                    I am aware that cabs travel all over Nashville. I am just saying if there was a place within walking distance I would prefer that, if not I can take a cab.

                    1. re: calphotographer

                      I just got back from my Nashville trip. Due to time constraints from attending a business conference I was only able to visit two places worth mentioning.

                      The first was Caney Fork River Valley Grille. We found the food OK, nothing spectacular, but a good choice for families as it has an indoor catfish pond that children should like.

                      The second was Monell's. We loved the food and atmosphere there. You felt like you were eating dinner with a big family, as 12 people shared a table and passed the food around the table. I will definitely be going back here next time I am in Nashville.

              2. I would definitely go with the opryland hotel. Old hickory steakhouse is superb.