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Jun 6, 2011 04:30 PM

Need recs for coming Wine Club trip to Ogunquit


I have taken the responsability of cooking the first dinner for our trip to Ogunquit next weekend but I have no idea where to buy food there. I was looking for a good place to buy great quality seafood close by. Can you help me? I heard of the Wells Lobster pound but the reviews I read were not that consistent.

lso I need recs for restaurants with a good wine list, not too far from Ogunquit (dont' worry we have 2 designated drivers!), that are more casual and would be great for a group of 10 noisy wine enthousiast.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. There is a nice large supermarket in Wells. Called Hanifords. Which has a real nice seafood dept. with plenty of fresh food.

    1. We live in Ogunquit and generally buy our seafood at York Lobster and Seafood on Route 1 in York. They have a great selection and it's always very fresh. Lately, though, Hannaford's has had a better selection of seafood than they usually do. For a special meal, though, I'd still prefer York Lobster and Seafood.

      For restaurants with good wine lists, you might look at MC Perkins Cove, Five-0 Shore Road, and Katie's - all in Ogunquit.