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Jun 6, 2011 03:58 PM

Picnic Table spot in Central Park close to a bathroom for my 90-year old Dad?

Our family (say about 10 people) would love to find a shady bucolic place with picnic tables in Central Park for a July birthday party - some place with bathrooms nearby and also a place that is not more than 10-15 minutes walking to the nearest bus ... with a cane. Can be on East or West Side. A tough order I know but he'd just love it. We'd also love some recs for bento boxes. Thanks, Nancy

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  1. The area of the park that I know has picnic tables is the Pinetum. It's sort of near the north-ish end of the Great Lawn (there's one to the west and one to the east; west would be closer to the bathroom). The nearest bathroom is at the south end of the Great Lawn by the Delacorte. I'm thinking the walk in isn't 10-15 minutes but I've never done it using a cane. Good luck.

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      Thanks so much. Will give it a test run with a Jimmy Durante type cane. N

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        The Pinetum is a nice (and shaded!) spot with quite a few picnic tables. It's not too far from the M86 bus, or from the Central Park Precinct, who (in my experience) are willing to let you use their restrooms. Getting onto the transverse from the Pinetum might be a little tricky for someone with a cane, but I'm not sure of any other restrooms in the immediate vicinity.

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          This sounds like a brilliant solution. I'll ask the Pinetum people how we might make it work ... Thanks!

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            There are restrooms by the Delacorte. If you are on the west side Pinetum, then the restroom is right at the bottom of the Great Lawn. It is probably a little bit farther (maybe) than the police precinct but certainly more easily accessible, I would think.

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              I will scope this out, definitely. Most grateful!

        2. Central Park conservancy website (I think or has a map that has all restrooms in park. Search ,a[s and a list of maps will who including that one.

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            Yes, they're on my list to call tomorrow. Excellent idea. N

          2. I believe that right outside the north end of the sheep meadow has a nearby bathroom.

            1. Not exactly bucolic, but the courtyard of the former Tavern on the Green now has food carts and tables, with a bathroom right there.