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Jun 6, 2011 03:42 PM

Hunting for Mont Blanc

This is a research project for a friend, who's craving the Mont Blanc pastries that he and his wife found in Paris: mounds of chestnut paste and whipped cream on a cake or pastry base (see links for pictures).

Does anyone in the Twin Cities make this pastry, either as a regular offering or an occasional special?


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  1. There are a limited number of possibilities among twin cities bakeries. I would check Hotel Sofitel first, then Patisserie 46 (uneven quality), then Patrick's (pretty, but so- so quality). If you know how to bake, it looks as though it isn't too difficult; you just need to find good chestnut puree.

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    1. re: sandylc

      Doesn't the Sofitel get it's breads and pastries from Patrick's?

      1. re: maauwi

        Oh, wow. I haven't purchased the Sofitel baked goods for quite a while - is that really happening? I would be so disappointed is this is so! They still look like their former deliciousness!

    2. You can also try Pardon My French in Eagan.

      Pardon My French
      1565 Cliff Rd Ste 1A, Saint Paul, MN 55122

      1. Looks really yummy. Let us know if you find it.