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Jun 6, 2011 03:37 PM

2 birthday dinners

Going to 2 birthday dinners in June. One to Morimoto's and the second to Le Virtu. Any suggestions,comments,or thoughts on either place? Thanks!

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  1. Here are some recent discussions of Le Virtu and you might also enjoy tracking down LaBan's review of the place.

    Morimoto- I hope you get the omakase. Torro tartare is great, I like the black cod there though its a subtle dish (and is not uncommon to find similar dishes on Asian fusion menus). If you are beef eater the kobe beef cooked on hot rocks is fun. Overall nice experience in an ultra modern space. They do have a good sake selection and you can do a very nice pairing of the sakes with the meal. Definitely not a great place for someone who does not eat fish.

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      Thanks, My son and I will get the omakase, I can't wait. The other two in our party will have to order something else. And a friend and I are going to Le Virtu on LaBan's review of the place. I was wondering what real diners thought of it. Thanks again for the help.