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Jun 6, 2011 03:09 PM

self guided food tour?

I'm spending two days in Paris before embarking on a challenging 2 weeks bike tour in August. I'm traveling by myself and want to sample the foodie (and shopping) delights of Paris. Any recommendations for a self guided walking tour where some (arguably) "best of" local offerings can be found? (Cheese, pastries, sandwhich, to die for reasonably lunch, ??)
As an example, I found the following link : http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/493333 with a great walking tour of the Lower East Side of New York and had a great time enjoying a number of those spots when in NYC last month.
I don't yet know where I"ll be staying, so don't limit locations.

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    1. Not certain you need it, central Paris is quite compact and easy to wander around. My suggested route (you must enjoy a good walk) is -

      Start at the Tour Eiffel head away from the river and find Rue Saint Dominique, walk down here checking out the stores and restaurants (don't forget the side streets), along here, the Rue Cler market area has lots of shops.

      Cross the Invalides (its gets a bit boring and government ministries here) and continue along Rue St Dominique to Boulevard St Germain, at the intersection with Rue Due Bac head right (up Bac) and browse the shops, there is a great cheese shop just along Rue De Grenelle at No.51 (Bathelemy). Continue up Rue Di Bac and check out the food hall at Le Bon Marche.

      Out of here cross the road and head up Rue St Placide and then left on Rue du Cherce Midi, along here you pass Poilane (bakery), turn right at Viuex Colomber, then left into rue Bonaparte for Pierre Hermes macarons and chocolates. Retrace your steps, continue past St Sulpice and then left down Rue Mabbilon (there is an very average covered market here) but also Gerard Mulot a great bakery (corner of Rue Di Seine).

      Head down Rue du Seine across Boulevard St Germain to rue De Buci where there are lots of little shops. Then head Rue St Andre des Arts through the Latin Quarter. Eventually turn right (Boulevard St Michel would work) to head back to Boulevard St Germain and then head along here to metro Maubert Mutualite where you find a great little market and Dubois cheese shop.

      From here cross over Boulevard St Germain and head to the river, cross Ille De Cite (Notre Dame) and cut up to Rue de Rivoli, turn right then left at Rue Vielle du Temple and wander the Marais - lots of bars and good people watching spots to rest the weary legs).

      Not many named shops but you will pass tons of interesting shops to meander through and a few sites on the way. There are obviously lots of other places but this is quite a good selection and takes in some sites so is a good way to see some of Paris.

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          I would be sure to purchas a Plan a Paris (city map) before setting out on PhilD's itinerary.

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            Considering that time is money, a good city map is one of the cheapest travel investments one can make. Seeing your route on paper also helps galvanize the memory of the experience.

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            Sounds lovely - heading to Paris next week and may have to try this out (or at least as much as I can work into the schedule!).

            Great Question OP!

          3. i'm thinking about doing a bike tour in August as well. I was wondering which tour company you are using?

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              Not sure which company mgarvey is using, but we love www.detours-in-france.com.