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Looking for help -South Portland and Portland Waterfront restaurant recs

troutpoint Jun 6, 2011 03:01 PM

We are driving from Canada (NB) to Portland for the weekend. We are staying at the Marriott inSouth Portland on Friday night and the one on the waterfront on Saturday night. We are looking for independent (no chains) great restaurants for both nights. Price isn't an object, but good food is. (a decent wine list would make my Husband happy too)
Oh, also looking for great kitchen/food stores along the way.

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  1. troutpoint RE: troutpoint Jun 6, 2011 03:11 PM

    Oh, and somewhere with a great brunch on Sundays....Thx!

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      mainemal RE: troutpoint Jun 7, 2011 08:47 AM

      Sunday brunch: my current favorite is Artemesia, in the West End on Danforth St.: a bit of a hike from your hotel, but possible, and really interesting brunch food. Others will probably offer the Front Room on Congress, uphill from the waterfront Marriott, good food and a trendy (if sometimes noisy) atmosphere.

      Front Room Restaurant & Bar
      73 Congress St Ste A, Portland, ME 04101

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        anestes RE: troutpoint Jun 8, 2011 03:17 AM

        My favorites for Sunday brunch are Caiola's and Local 188 but there are a lot of others options as well. For a complete list check out http://www.portlandfoodmap.com/brunch...

        58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

        Local 188
        685 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

      2. k
        kimfair1 RE: troutpoint Jun 7, 2011 06:54 AM

        LeRoux Kitchen supply in the old port (waterfront) of Portland is an awesome store, with great extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars. I'm partial to Hugo's in the old port for restaurants, and like Fore Street as well. Others will add 555, I'm not a fan. Miyake gets good reviews for sushi. Duckfat is Hugo's chef Rob Evans lunch spot with great paninis and Belgian style frites. Enjoy Portland, a truly great city!

        Fore Street
        288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

        1. h
          HDinCentralME RE: troutpoint Jun 7, 2011 08:48 AM

          From South Portland check out The Cheese Iron in nearby Scarborough.
          Downtown Portland...Rabelais Bookstore...great collection of food&wine books, cookbooks, etc.

          Sunday Brunch: Caiola's

          58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

          1. Kat RE: troutpoint Jun 7, 2011 03:56 PM

            Fore St. for dinner, Caiola's for brunch and Duck Fat for lunch or a great snack (fries!), Micucci's on India St. (near Duck Fat) for the delicious bread from the bakery in the back and Italian goodies from the shop.

            58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

            Duck Fat
            43 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

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              monopod RE: Kat Jun 7, 2011 04:02 PM

              If you go to Micucci's, you have to get a slab of the sicilian pizza from the bakery in back. It's epic.

            2. m
              monopod RE: troutpoint Jun 7, 2011 04:03 PM

              Nosh has a great burger (the Noshburger) and fries dusted with bacon powder, if you're into that kind of thing.

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                troutpoint RE: monopod Jun 7, 2011 05:00 PM

                I am guessing my husband will be ALL over fries dusted with bacon powder...But ducat fries may be a tough decision... good thing we are there for more than one lunch. Hugo's and Fore St have been on our short list...555 has gotten so good reviews, but for some reason, we weren't struck on it. Glad to hear we have made the right choices! ;-)
                The retail recs are exciting! Can't wait!!!

              2. s
                Shooley RE: troutpoint Jun 9, 2011 05:04 AM

                If you're coming down Route 1 and go through Ellsworth, do not miss Rooster Brother, one of the best cooking supply stores anywhere! Once you pass downtown Ellsworth, be on the lookout: it will be on your left, as you head south.

                1. Kat RE: troutpoint Jun 11, 2011 08:57 AM

                  Forgot to mention, for fantabulous waterfront views, there is Two Lights Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth which is right near South Portland. The crashing waves, the rocky shore....views just don't get any better!! You order and then find a table. There are lots of outdoor picnic tables, but go early as it gets crowded. In all honesty, the food, IMHO, is OK, but that's it. However, I can't eat lobster due to allergy so I'm basing my opinion on the fried seafood. My DH liked his lobster very much.

                  Lobster Shack
                  225 Two Lights Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

                  1. troutpoint RE: troutpoint Jun 20, 2011 02:11 PM

                    We ended up only spending Saturday afternoon downtown. It was raining so we did a "mall" shopping trip to stay dry. We had a snack at Duckfat. SO good! Great wines by the glass and we had a house terrine special of the day. Chicken something. It had a slight citrus flavour, and was served with pickled vegetables and crostini. We also had a duck terrine or rillettes- served the same way. Both great! And, of course, we had the fries, with the truffled ketchup. Oh. My. God. Amazing!
                    We then wandered over to Fore St. where the bar was just opening, so we went in, had a glass of wine and a seafood sampler- 3 different presentations, a sashimi, lobster with a chive buttercream, and a wild salmon, cold smoked. Well presented, and tasty, but not as good as the food at Duck fat. So, based on this, we went to Hugo's, got a late reservation for dinner and had the 8 course tasting menu with wine pairings. It was incredible!
                    On Sunday when we got up, and wandered out to go eat, we realized there was some sort of festival/parade going on, and it was nuts! So we took off after breakfast at the hotel..

                    Thanks to all for recommendations!

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                      kimfair1 RE: troutpoint Jun 21, 2011 06:54 AM

                      Glad to hear you enjoyed Hugo's. My wife and I live in Boston, but she has family in Portland, so we're up there all the time, and Hugo's is our favorite restauant in New England.

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