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Jun 6, 2011 02:46 PM

Gourment European Bistro- North Wales???????????

Just read about this.....been there 3 years and knew nothing about it...Anyone been???? Do tell!

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  1. The restaurant has been reviewed on this site in the past. As I recall, nearly all of the reviews were BAD with a capital B. Haven't been there myself because my son went (who is a former chef) and said it was some of the worst food he's ever had. Seems they try to do a bit of everything and don't get any of it right.

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      When the Bistro first opened about 3 years ago, the food was good-very original and unique. But since then, it has gone downhill, especially the food. I Would rather go to the Simply Good Cafe right across the street. The owners and staff are dolls. I have to say I do not like the owner/chef at the Bistro much. I have seen him yell at his staff, and he blows hot-and cold, as does the food, I hear...

    2. We ate there once a year or two ago. That about sums it up.