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Jun 6, 2011 02:33 PM

Dinner options for a big group in August

Heading to NOLA for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at the end of August and was hoping to get some recommendations for fantastic restaurants that can accommodate a party of 15-20 people. We would like to find someplace close to the French Quarter for Friday night and plan on doing Frenchman St area on Saturday night. We would probably prefer not to go to THE most expensive places, but we are certainly willing to pay for amazing food--it's our top priority! We are open to all types of food, it doesn't necessarily have to be "New Orleans cuisine." I had one of the best meals of my life at Dante's Kitchen last time I was in town and an amazing brunch at EAT, but I'm afraid they won't be able to take such a large reservation. I've also read that some places close for the month of August, so I was hoping to get some suggestions from locals! Thanks in advance :-)

Dante's Kitchen
736 Dante Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

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  1. Yall sound like you need a private room. On the casual and somewhat inexpensive side, try Mandina's on Canal Street...accessible by the Red Lady (Canal St. street car from the FQ). For a FQ experience, Muriel's, Arnaud's, Galatoire's and Antoine's have great private rooms with fabulous food. If you want to go uptown, Commander's Palace could accommodate your party in a private room.

    Mandina's Restaurant
    3800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

    Commander's Palace Restaurant
    1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

    Galatoire's Restaurant
    209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

    1. While not Nola cuisine, some friends of mine did a similar dinner at Besh's Domenica and loved it. While not in the FQ, it's walking distance and the Roosevelt Hotel where it's located is beautiful. I'm pretty sure they have a private room.

      I've seen big groups at Cochon but I'm not sure if they've been quite 20 people, they do have private space upstairs but not sure if you can order off the regular menu.

      TaTee's suggestions are all great, but slightly more expensive with the exception of Mandina's.

      August is not the busiest time here so my guess is that restaurants will work with you regarding the large group and many will have "coolinary" specials going on in August (~35 for 3 courses).

      Mandina's Restaurant
      3800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

      930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

      123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

      1. Talk to the management at Restaurant August about the "wine room." That should hold the group nicely, and Restaurant August "gets it."



        Restaurant August
        301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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          Thanks for the suggestions! Now that we've nailed down our flights and hotel I'll start calling restaurants! The private room (especially wine room!) route sounds perfect...

        2. thanks everyone!

          any thoughts on Mr. B's for a large group?