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Jun 6, 2011 02:22 PM

Permanent market for local farmers?

Has anyone else heard that they were looking to build an indoor marketplace (similar to the ferry building in SF) for local farmers and artisans in San Diego? It would be like a farmer's market, but with regular operating hours everyday, and feature only locally grown produce, local meats, cheeses, etc... I read several articles last month about it, ever saw a gorgeous website, heard they were close to choosing a location, but can't seem to find any mention of it now...

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  1. That would be fantastic if something like that comes to fruition. I was just at the SF Ferry Marketplace last week and loved eating my way through it.

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      While I have enjoyed many a trip through the Ferry Marketplace myself, I honestly find it to be overly-curated and too "boutiquey". While they have some very nice vendors and it's definitely indulgent fun to explore, I wonder about all of the more grass-roots food artisans that we don't get to see there (that we all know exist particularly in that region), those who don't yet have the funds or brand recognition to be found amongst such company.

      It's somewhat akin to the Grand Crus of Bordeaux, where the classified growths have such a huge marketing advantage that their future success almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's like giving a boost to the operations that really don't need a boost at all... Not calling for a handicapping of the marketplace either, but just for a more level playing field where they can all compete side-by-side on quality alone...

      Rather than a permanent "food mall" with all of its implications of a somewhat static collection of vendors, I'd rather see more of a permanent "food bazaar" where the entry point (for both customers and vendors) is lower, the competition brisk, and where "cottage food" vendors can sit side-by-side their brick and mortar counterparts...

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        A better example would be the classic 19th century farmers' market buildings in Philly and D.C.. Both are over a century old, both are glass and steel structures, both sell local food stuffs and artisan food creations, and both are open every day of the week with local small businesses dominating the trade. Yes, Philly is a crap hole in just about every other way (and despite gentrification D.C. still has its rough edges) but preserving these classic market places is something both cities have done right. The over all feel is decidedly more blue collar then S.F.'s Ferry building but I think San Diego could find room for both in one such building assuming they actually allocated money to build such a market which I don't see happening since San Diegans tend to be penny wise and pound foolish. We're the city who refuses to update our sewer system to comply with state and Federal clean water standards because we don't want to spend the money but then we end up paying massive fines which cost more then if we simply updated our sewer system to begin with. Hell, we can't even get the freeloaders to pay for the serves they use (such as trash collection) because the city is filled with carpet baggers who don't plan on staying very long (and so who don't want to spend a penny on long term investment in the city) and with retirees who simply want to die some where warm while spending as little as possible. So long story short long term investment and planning, no matter how intelligent or wise it is in the long run, won't happen here.

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          I don't want to get into a non-food debate here, but to be clear, us "freeloaders" who don't pay for trash collection do so because of a voter-approved law from 1919. That's 90+ years ago. If they changed the law, we might pay. But it's still the law, so we don't.

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            Count me among the high property tax paying freeloaders...

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      1. I don't know what's involved with securing a spot here, but what about the Farmer's Market at 2121 Imperial?

        1. Folks, if you have specific information about the market alyd is referencing, please go ahead and post it. But 'they should build it here' and other speculation is really off-topic for our site. Thanks.

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            Thank you for allowing my post. I did not mean for this to be a place where people offer ideas about such a thing, I would only like to know if anyone has specific knowledge of what happened to the plans to build it. Was it scrapped? Anyone know the website? Etc...
            I know that it was in process as recently as 2 weeks ago, but can no longer find any mention, anywhere.Thank you!

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