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Jun 6, 2011 01:54 PM

Trip Review-budget-minded solo traveler-CP vs. Galatoire's-LONG

Let me start by saying how much I love NOLA. Every time I come back it just gets better and better and this was one fairy tale trip for me! And about the food-
When I arrived in NOLA I went straight to Liuzza's by the Track for the shrimp po boy and their gumbo. The gumbo was excellent. I enjoyed the shrimp po boy. I really loved the bread and I left 10-15 shrimp on my plate-this thing is huge! I really would have force-fed myself the leftover shrimp if they weren't so salty. I thought the "sauce" the shrimp was in was very salty, but nonetheless I still enjoyed it very much. That night I also had a Plum Street Sno-ball; the condensed, sweetened milk makes all the difference.
On my second day, I went to Commander's Palace for lunch. This is an experience everybody should have. LOVED the way the servers fawned over me. I enjoyed watching the wait staff perform simultaneous service for the table of ladies next to me. I loved the three soup sampler-turtle, crawfish bisque and gumbo. All were delicious! Then I had the soft shell crab. It had been a while since I had soft shell crab and I enjoyed it very much. It was also the first time I had ever tried a mirliton! Yay! Overall, I loved Commander's and their 25 cent martinis and I'm glad that I chose it over Galatoire's. On the same day I had a Hansen's sno-ball. It was also delicious!
On the third day I had a major feel good experience when I went to Cafe Reconcile. It was excellent and I enjoyed talking with the workers there about their experience. They were so sweet. And, can you say affordable? It was incredibly affordable. I'm glad to see that the community supports their mission. There are two chefs starting a similar endeavor in Dallas. They will work with people coming out of prison. I also went to Angelo Brocato's that night. The gelato was very good.
The lagniappe of the trip was the white beans, rice and sausage that they gave me at the Candlelight Lounge. It was very good as well. I also got to try ya ka mein from Man Chu. I was so wanting to try it, and I can understand why some people consider it a hangover helper. I couldn't eat much of it, because I so full by that time, but I could see that this is a dish that would become part of my regular menu if I was a New Orleanian.
I love your city. I think I had an authentic experience and I cannot wait to come back. Thank you all for the helpful advice. I'm looking forward to trying the next set of restaurants on my list.

Commander's Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Cafe Reconcile
1712 Oretha C Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70113

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  1. great report. too bad about too much salt in the po-boy. i love that po-boy. wonder if it was a one time fluke?

    1. I'm delighted to hear your report; I kept thinking about you during the days you were planning to be here. I'm glad that you made it to Cafe Reconcile. You seem to have made the most of your visit.

      Cafe Reconcile
      1712 Oretha C Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70113

      1. Nice report. Definitely helps me look forward to my next visit. The only question is do we keep our pattern of Friday lunch at Commander's or do we do brunch... Choices choices...

        1. Thanks for your post... I was in the same dilemma and now heading to Commander's

          1. Thank you for posting your trip report, teachergirl. I enjoyed reading it; however, in no way was it long. I was ready to settle back and enjoy a multi-page saga, so I felt a little cheated with the length - haha! Don't ever feel you can say too much about New Orleans and its many food, drink and music pleasures. I know I can get a little windy myself :) Hurry back soon and write even more...we'd all love to hear about it! And thanks again....

            PS: Where is the Candlelight Lounge?