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Jun 6, 2011 01:03 PM

ISO dessert wine for a specific dessert

I'm going to be serving a vanilla ice cream with some Meyer lemon olive oil drizzled over it and a light sprinkling of sea salt. I'm not wine knowledgeable at all and wonder if dessert wines are even appropriate for these types of non-sweet flavors. I have a pear liqueur, Pear de Pear by RMS Distillery and a Graff Family Vineyards, 2007 Chalone, July Muscat. Have also wondered about a sparkling rose'. And, of course, can buy something else. Or should I just continue with whatever red wine I wind up serving with dinner. There will be six of us. Is a half bottle enough for six? This won't be a large serving of dessert. I appreciate your help. It always frightens me a tad to come over to the "dark side." J/K of course :)

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  1. I think your muscat will be just fine. And a half-bottle for six is fine for the dessert course. I also like Moscato d'Asti with something like you are serving. Same grape, but lighter, fizzier, and less alcohol.

    The Pear brandy would be a better digestif.

    Definitely not the sparkling rose.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Thanks so much. I've had Moscato d'Asti and liked it. Perhaps I'll pick up a bottle but glad to know that the muscat is fine. These guests are more into wine so I aim to please.

      1. re: c oliver

        Ditto everything Brad said and wanted to add definitely not your dinner red.

        Also, the dessert sounds delicious. Did you infuse the oil yourself? If so, maybe a snippet over on HC?

    2. I can't speak for the olive oil, but Pedro Ximenez sherry is THE match for vanilla ice cream in my book. Bascially, if you could you think liquid figs would go with the Meyer lemons, go for it. Abala makes a good one.

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        I'd think it'd go well with oo. I use Spanish sherry vinegar with oo alot. Good idea. Thanks.

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          PX Sherry is a bit heavy for a steamy summer evening. I think your muscat will be a better choice, given the weather. If you want to go buy something special, Quady's Orange Muscat Essencia would be really grand with your ice cream. (I've served it with a similar frozen confection.)

          1. re: ChefJune

            I agree.

            PX is lovely, but is heavy.

            A Muscat would be my choice, especially with the Meyer lemon.


        2. I'd been thinking about some of the suggestions here but just ran out of time. So I stayed with the muscat and liked it. The ice cream, honestly, was too rich so the wine was a good counterpoint to it. Thanks everyone.

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          1. re: c oliver

            Oops, too late to help, but glad that the Muscat worked for you.

            Thank you for reporting,


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              And used my "port glasses." Waiting for you :)

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                Insert a great big GRIN here!