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Jun 6, 2011 01:03 PM

What can I do with this farmers' market haul?

I bought asparagus, sugar snap peas, a green pepper, green squash, tiny red potatoes, and strawberries. (OK, I am reading the other thread hear about strawberries.) In my pantry I found a plethora of pasta, couscous, soba noodles, brown rice, and the rice you use to make risotto.

Can anyone suggest a recipe (or 2, or 3)?

Thank you.

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  1. Risotto with asparagus. Browned slices of green squash and onion mixed with pasta, garlic, oil and cheese. Boiled whole red potatoes with basil or mint or parsley pesto---had that with lamb last night and it was killer.

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      Yes--baby red potatoes are delicious with a chimichurri or pesto type sauce. You could also cook them up with that pepper and an onion to eat with steak/chicken/whatever.

      Asparagus, snap peas, and squash are pretty versatile vegetables. You can use them with pasta as mentioned above, or with an Asian-type sauce in a stir fry with the soba noodles, or maybe roasted on top of couscous.

    2. Asparagus and strawberries go really well together. A salad with basil, asparagus and strawberries with a balsamic dressing is great. I am sure this could be a nice pasta salad too.

      Do you have lemon? Lemon works well with asparagus. Would be nice with pasta and snap peas, too.

      A frittata or omelette would be good with many of those ingredients as well - asparagus, zucchini, potato, etc.

      1. Mmm, everything mentioned sounds good. How about potato paratha or fried potatoes and peppers with eggs? And roasted or pan-fried asparagus and squash. Both of those vegetables are all about the browning. You can't improve on raw sugar snap peas or strawberries! :-)

        1. This zucchini and almond saute is so much greater than the sum of its parts. Just make sure to season generously with salt and pepper:

          And for the potatoes, can't go wrong with crash potatoes!