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Jun 6, 2011 12:57 PM

Visiting Sout Hampton and East Hampton for the first time later this summer. Need reco's

Would love your recommendation's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Casual during the day, fancier eats at night. Intend to have dinner 1 night in South Hampton and 1 in East Hampton if the drive from South Hampton on a week day is do-able for dinner and back to our B& B in South Hampton. And also one lunch spot in East Hampton.
Thanks chowhounders

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  1. In Southampton I like Tuscan House for authentic Italian, or Plaza Cafe for fish. In East Hampton I'd be tempted to try the new Spring Close House, where Laundry was last year. For some reason I've been craving Bobby Van's in Bridgehampton too, if the traffic gets too backed up.

    Tuscan House
    10 Windmill Ln, Southampton, NY 11968

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      Babette's in Easthampton is good for breakfast, nice to sit outside if you can, it is right in town. I second Bobby Van's, the food is terrific and generally the service is, too. Nick and Toni's in Easthampton also wonderful for dinner if you can get a reservation. I was at Spring Close last Friday, it is good but not fabulous, the menu is much more limited and casual than the Laundry, it is more like Meeting House in Amagansett. I also like Fresno for dinner in Easthampton. All these places get very crowded on weekends, reserve way in advance. Nicj and Toni's takes reservations 10 days prior.

      Nick and Toni's
      136 N Main St, East Hampton, NY 11937

      Meeting House
      4 Amagansett Sq, Amagansett, NY 11930

      1. re: coll

        Fantastic. Tempted to eat fish while i will be out there so will follow your reco for Plaza Cafe. If you have any ideas for lunch + breakfast in South Hampton, send them along. Thank you for your East hampton recommendations, will look into that.

        1. re: Isamtl

          The Golden Pear is very popular for breakfast and lunch. Maybe Fellinghams for lunch, it's a pub but again, all the locals flock there. If you want really casual luncheonette food, then try Sip N Soda.

          17 Cameron St, Southampton, NY 11968

      2. The drive from Southampton to East Hampton and back is definitely do-able on a week day. If you are heading east for dinner you should not have to deal with the traffic. I would have to agree with Coll's recs for Southampton and would add Red Bar Brasserie (dinner only). Can't go wrong at Bobby Van's for lunch or dinner, but do make a reservation if your going for dinner it tends to get crowded on the weekend. Bridgehampton is about halfway between Southampton and East Hampton.