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Jun 4, 2011 02:44 PM

Smaller funkier recommendations enroute to Camden from Boston?

Heading up to Camden,my old stomping grounds...we will leave Boston on a Sunday and will come back the following Thursday,not much time. My kids are all about eating oysters from shacks, so any great shacks with million dollar views would be appreciated. I don't know so much about Portland, I'm thinking smaller and funkier,any suggestions enroute? Thank you oc for coming to my rescue!

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  1. Since you prob want to go early, I guess you will miss brunch at my fav brunch spot, East Coast Grill. In that case, my suggestion would be to leave early from B and arrive 2 hrs later in Portland for brunch at funky good food Local 188 (your kids will really like it) a block from the Portld Art Museum downtown. If not there, Lobster Shack has picnic tables and great view. Easy getting into P; easy parking; easy getting back on 295 to Rt 1. Otherwise, Wiscasset has 2 very famous lobster shacks- Reds and the one across the street and down by the water, which doesn't have the 'always' 1 hour line that Reds does, and many CHs think is better than Reds.

    On the way to Camden, do check out :
    Roundtop Ice Cream in Waldoboro( excellent; many flavors; an institution with locals and summerites alike)

    In Rockland, there are a number of good spots, including a friendly casual Italian bistro mentioned here:

    My 9/09 north of portland report: