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Jun 6, 2011 12:08 PM

Ground Veal availability in Edmonton?

Does anyone know where I can buy ground veal in Edmonton?

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  1. nikki:

    I have bought mine in the past at Save On Foods in 1 kilo frozen packages. Do not recollect the brand name and am not sure if it is readily stocked or not.

    When I think of cooking up a large quantity of bolognese I begin looking for ground veal unless I have picked up a kilo or two on spec in the past and they are in my freezer.

    From time to time I have picked it up at Andy's IGA in the west end but a lot depends upon what cuts they have been selling and what scraps/trimmings they have accumulated.

    Good luck.

    1. I buy them at the local Sobey's (downtown, westend, St. Albert locations for sure all have them) all the time for my meatballs. The butchers there will also grind it for you if you want but I just take the pre-gound packages off the shelves.