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Jun 6, 2011 11:09 AM

New House of Reuben 8 Mile, Warren, MI [Detroit area]

If you are going to Villa Italian for lunch, only to discover they open at 4pm and you are still hungry, go south to 8 mile turn right and you will be at House of Reuben 14693 E. Eight Mile Rd., Warren, MI.

It's only been there for 3 weeks. House of Reuben is a warm two counter deli on the north side of 8 mile just west of Gratiot. Driving by when I see the Detroit police car in front (lunch time) and that's a good sign.

Go inside and it's what you'd expect a 14 space counter only deli where you watch the food theatre. Two overly loud funny waitresses tease the customers and call out the orders.

I had the lamplighter (corned beef, coleslaw, Russian) on an onion roll for $6. Good value for money. They cook the corned beef in a way I haven't seen before. The meat is pre-sliced in the sandwich cooler and then blanched in very warm water before going on the sandwich. The meat was "very" lean to begin with and the blanching seemed to take the brisket-fat taste away. When I am having corned beef a bit of fat is part of the lube. Quite different. Unsure if that will catch on with me.

Hours 11-9 closed Sundays & Holidays. Phone 586 773 2950

Very clean place. Mixed and friendly clientele. A change from Onion Roll in that they have parking. ;-)

House of Reuben
14693 E 8 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48089

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  1. My favorite pastrami cart in Chicago did it the same way. No complaints from me.

    1. You mean to tell me that you were *that close* to Weekday Cafe and didn't go? Too bad for you, sir! One of their soups today was mulligatawny, and it was, as always, ridiculously good.

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      1. re: boagman

        Been to Weekday several times. Somehow, they have lost a couple of steps on the homemade equation. Last time the roast-beef sandwich was no race against even Arby's. I gave up on them after four goes. Soup on Monday is like fish on Monday for a resto that's closed on the weekends. Glad you liked it. Will call in the "early" AM to make sure you're okay.

        I agree with VTB (sorry Rainsux) the hot water + meat trick won't be for me again for corned beef at Reuben.

        1. re: goatgolfer

          Really? Wow...they haven't lost a step with me! I had the mulligatawny to start, and then went with a lovely chicken piccata, served atop rice pilaf with lemon butter sauce, with lovely artichokes and mushrooms on top, along with some wonderful green beans on the side. Terrific. I had my dessert (good and evil cake) in a to-go box, and enjoyed it later. Took a crock of mulligatawny to go for Donna and/or her mom...depends on if she decides to share or not.

          I'm absolutely not worried about their soups being kept over the weekend. And I feel fine, by the way! We should go together if you're having trouble navigating their menu. They're still great.

      2. Sorry about not catching Villa's hours.. They didn't have a convenient takeaway menu nor a website. :-(

        House of Reuben has a 16Mile & VanDyke location, too. I'm not a fan of the hot water bath technique either, nor of all the vegetable oil they put on the bread. I'm not saying I'm all "New York" and knowledgeable, I'm simply saying I don't personally like it.

        Boy, I sure had a nice Reuben at The Front Page Deli on Greenfield south of 10 Mile....ooops, now I see they've also opened a place closer to me, west of Schoenerr on 12 Mile. Yum! (Ooops, looks like Macomb County wrote them up for health code violations. Well, who cares, I'm over there.)

        House of Reuben
        14693 E 8 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48089

        Front Page Deli
        24810 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park, MI 48237

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        1. re: VTB

          Sounds like the 2nd location is quite similar to the original at 16 & VanDyke. I've always thought there was something a bit off about the corned beef--maybe a little rubbery from that hot water bath? And the bread is more toasted than grilled.

          But regardless, I love House of Reuben for other reasons:

          the onion rings, and
          the beef barley soup

          Both are supremely comforting in the winter.

          House of Reuben
          14693 E 8 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48089

          1. re: jjspw

            Actually the one on 8 mile is the original location. i'm not sure how long it's been aroundI know my mom waitressed there in the 1980's.

            The original owner sold it a few years back when he opened the 16 and Van Dyke location. It closed after a year or so until the original owner reopened it about two months ago after a fire and many disputes with the city of Warren over parking.

            1. re: impoore

              Went for dinner and spoke with the owner Greg. The 8 Mile location opened in the early 60's but wasn't called house of Reuben until 1968.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Did they close and reopen? Sorry to say but I have been going to the House of Reuben on 8 mile since 1967, and their menu hasn't changed. I grew up in East Detroit, and that place was within walking distance. And that is a good thing.

            The big reuben is still the 8A. And that is at both places, the one on Metro Parkway, and the one on 8 mile. I've lived in Chicago, New York, but the HOR is still my favorite deli.

            House of Reuben
            14693 E 8 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48089