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Jun 6, 2011 11:06 AM

Max's Matzoh Ball Soup?

Given the chilly weather we've been having, I've been eating a lot of soup. I love matzoh ball soup but it's inconvenient for me to drive from Marin to the city to get it. How is the mb soup at Max's in Corte Madera? I never even remember it's there, but I'd be willing to go if the soup is decent. If not there, any other Marin suggestions for matzoh ball soup? I make a pretty good version but am not currently in the mood!

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  1. The MB soup is good there but I really like the sweet and sour brisket soup, which I think they call Russian Cabbage Soup on the menu. For the Matzoh balls, I like the texture and how they are evenly cooked even when so large. I wish there was more chicken flavor in the broth and less "spent" chicken. As I recall, you only get one in the small size and two in the large.

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      But you can request an extra - sometimes they charge a dollar more - sometimes not...