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Jun 6, 2011 10:02 AM

Bakeries in DC?

I'm moving to DC from San Francisco and wondered where I can get great bread in DC. Any ideas?

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  1. Nothing as good as Acme here, but I like the Breadline, near the White House. They are only open at lunchtime M-F, unfortunately. It's a great lunch spot, especially on Fri. when their special is a wonderful pulled pork - ask for it on ciabatta. They sell loaves of bread as well.

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      Thanks. I remember Breadline fondly from when I lived in DC before. Didn't know they sell bread as well.

    2. Sadly DC lacks great bread bakeries, no Tartine. There are passible ones.

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      1. re: MrsWheatie

        Sadly indeed. There's nothing like a hot loaf of Tartine bread . . . Thanks for the link though. I'll check it out.

      2. Lyon bakery has decent bread, I think. Not always easy to find but right now it is being sold from a kiosk outside Union Station

        1. Paul just opened up in Penn Quarter, although I haven't tried much from it.

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            Honestly, your best bet is Metropolitan, but they are in Philadelphia. I wish it were otherwise, but sadly it is not. Marvelous Market and Firehook are blah! The Swiss bakery sold me a burnt loaf. Le Pain Quoditian has bread that would be good except that it is covered in burnt flour. Lyon is okay. Heidelberg is okay. Whole Foods is hopeless, though their baguettes aren't bad. Oh, and no real good Jewish rye. Otherwise, it's a nice area.

            Marvelous Market
            4832 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD

            1. re: ChewFun

              You have to go to Philadelphia to get good bread? Well go then...

              No, DC is not a bread town but you can do better than driving three hours for a decent loaf if you look...

              Start with the French baker at the Bethesda farmers market on Wisconsin Ave on Saturdays... very good at decent prices.

              Most farmers markets have at least one or two fresh bread vendors.

              As previously mentioned, Pauls has recently opened up at Penn Ave and 7th NW and it is good, if not very good.

              I find the bread at Whole Foods to be consistent and acceptable. Go in the morning when they bake off the par baked loafs. Also Harris Teeter has LaBrea which they bake off in the store. If you ask they will sell you frozen and you can finish off in your own oven.

              While not gourmet, Golden Krust bakery off Jeff Davis in the Mt. Vernon area of Old Town has a factory store. Good bread that is super fresh.

              Le Pain Quoditian is also quite good and located in DuPont Circle.

              1. re: ClevelandDave

                Thanks Dave! That's really helpful and I'll definitely check out the places you've mentioned.

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                  Costco also sells LaBrea.

                  Wegman's sells some good loaves (I think made or baked in-store.)

                  There's a baker from Frederick (can't remember their name) that sells at farmer's markets. I sometimes buy their bread at the Old Greenbelt market.

                  I work near Union Station and buy bread from the Lyon stand at least once a week.

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                    Perhaps I am just too critical, but God Crust (who bake TJs house bread) too often has holes. It is okay. Whole Foods has bread that is pretty blah. Le Pain Quoditian burns their bread and covers it in flour (which burns and leaves a terrible taste). If LPQ would just stop with the flour coating and not burn their bread, it would be pretty great. DC is just not a bread town. I wish it wasn't so. Metropolitan in Philadelphia is pretty great and freezes well. I suppose it depends on what you want in a bread. LaBrea is not bad, but it is shipped frozen from a central plant. I want a good baguette, a good German or Jewish rye, a good Pain au Levain.

                    1. re: ChewFun

                      Thanks! This is helpful. I've found the same with LPQ and wonder why they continue to do the weird flour thing.

                      1. re: ChewFun

                        Just because something comes from a factory does not mean it isn't good. LaBrea is quite acceptable bread. Gold Crust, as you say, isn't the worlds best but when you can pick it out fresh hot on the rack it is mighty good- and they do some specialty breads they make in smaller batches that they sell in the store.

                2. I've been pleased with Uptown Bakery. They have a stall at the Bowie Farmer's Market.

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                  1. re: odkaty

                    Uptown is close to where we will be living so I'll definitely give them a try. Thanks!

                    1. re: kcwarr

                      I haven't had bread from Uptown for years (not since they closed all their stores). I liked it then, but that was quite a long time ago (more than 10 years). Good luck.