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quiche- will skim milk work?

I make the same basic quiche recipe, using whole milk or half/half usually. I only have skim milk in the house now & want to make one to freeze since have all other ingredients. Will it work with skim milk?

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  1. You can do it, it won't be as rich (obviously) and you might want to up the cheese a little.

    1. I agree w/ escondido--it'll work but it won't taste as good.

      1. Sure! The eggs will set. It may not be as moist or dense, but it'll work.

        1. Add an extra egg and you'll be fine.

          1. Like Isolda, I think you'll do best to replace the missing fat in some way, such as adding some egg-- yolks would do, or even some melted butter, perhaps?

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              no need. skim milk works fine. I do it all the time. just make sure the veggies are well cooked so they don't give off a bunch of water to make the quiche not set up.

              You may not taste the quiche and go "wow, what a rich , creamy custard!" but it will set up fine, not curdle, no ill effects. Just make sure you season it well and add flavorfull ingredients.

            2. Isn't there the risk of the eggs curdling because there is not enough fat? Something about proteins...? I know many bread pudding recipes call for either evporated milk or at least whole milk for this very reason.

              1. I agree with escondido - add more cheese. That works better than more egg, because too many eggs will give you a spongy texture.

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                  This actually sounds good to me, notwithstanding my earlier reply mentioning egg yolks.

                2. I made quiche over the weekend and subbed with skim milk, part of a can of evaporated skim milk, and non-fat 1/2 and 1/2 (which is the worst oxymoron ever!). Just wanted to see if it could be done, and it was delicious. I did up the cheese (full fat) a whit.

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                    good call on the evaporated milk---that helps stabilize it.

                  2. I'd probably use a recipe with a little bit of flour in it. (like this: http://www.thatjewcancook.com/?p=707) to make sure it sets up.