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Jun 6, 2011 09:22 AM

John Mueller to open new barebecue joint in East Austin in July

Man Up barbecue blog has all the good news. Welcome back, Shoeless Joe!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Carter and I officially have lunch plans now. (credit again to Carter for this link)

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      1. re: heyzeus212

        Hope he and his team are a little less harsh and rude this time around.

      2. Let's face it. It closed because it wasn't really very good. What's going to change this second time around?

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        1. re: twinwillow

          Hmm, twinwillow, I don't agree with you on that. What barbecue in Central Texas do you like for comparison sake?

          1. re: twinwillow

            You're probably the first person in the history of the universe that's said that.

            1. re: achtungpv

              Sometimes I can't tell if he's a bigger Mueller or In-N-Out groupie. Either way, odd statement indeed.

            2. Unfortunately for Mueller, his BBQ was as good as it got / gets, but his pugnacious behavior probably also helped him lose his shop, twice. I took a Doctor friend from houston in there one afternoon (the manor rd shop) to get brisket, and since he had exhausted his beef supply that day, I politely said okay, I'll be back another day (mind you I was a weekly regular and he knew it). He retorted "don't effin lie to me !!" I laughed, but he was not joking. He showed off his rudeness a few other times over the year or so I frequented his shop before it shut down. I'll gladly risk his abuse and eat his 'cue, it ranks with the best I've had, but he can be at times an incorrigible a-hole with a demonstrable lack of business savvy.

              1. re: slowcoooked

                How odd. That sounds more psychotic than a simple lack of social or business savvy.

                1. re: sqwertz

                  All these reports of bad behavior are really not making me want to rush right into the new restaurant, no matter how good the 'cue.

                  1. re: addlepated

                    Really. There are a few restaurants around the U.S. where the staff is belligerent and nasty but it's all part of the game. At JM's it sounds like the Read Deal. I hope he's not allowed to own guns, at least. Because it's not likely to be be pretty if he fails for a third time.

            3. ScrumptiousChef has quotes from Muller on his blog with menu updates and location (doesn't sound like a building?) description.


              A turkey option sounds very different than most barbecue joints around here. I'm all for homemade sausage (a failing of Franklin unless they've changed recently). I'm not so sure about this "air conditioned" tent part.

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              1. re: Carter B.

                Yep. Franklin has recently changed the sausage. Maybe a month ago now. I personally liked the previous incarnation since I liked that the beef heart flavor was out front but the new version is quite awesome.

              2. I went to Mueller's place on Manor Road just once--the BBQ was good--but I also had some kind of experience where I felt like a contretemps was in the offing (hard to tell if he was joking or not)--but there's no doubt the man knows what he's doing...
                Turkey sounds really good, and speaking of local places doing different kinds of Sausages (i.e. other than just another variation on Elgin-style), last time I ate at Sam's BBQ, we sampled a couple of experimental sausages--one was Turkey, and it far exceeded my expectations (Sage being a main flavor note, if memory serves)
                The BEST Sausage I've ever had at a BBQ place or anywhere in the state of Texas for that matter, was a Jalapeno Sausage they used to make at Black's BBQ in Lockhart--then they went and messed it up (too many people were whining that it was too spicy, apparently) by putting cubes of Velveeta in it...what a tragedy...anyhow, the old stuff was best when it was smoked so long that it was relatively dry inside...this concentrated the flavors like you wouldn't believe...
                In fact, the only Sausages I've had that could compete were in Europe, particularly real German Bratwurst (nothing at all like the phony Brats we have here)...sometimes you can find Spanish Chorizo that's close...

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                1. re: taliesin15

                  Speaking of different kinds of sausages, I recently discovered the bbq counter at Whole Foods (360/183 location). I have only eaten there once so far but the large variety of sausages was what intrigued me (at least 5 different kinds). Now I'm getting hungry, and it's not even 9AM!

                  1. re: danny_w

                    yep, the buffalo habanero is very tasty, as are the pork linguica and chipotle cherry chicken.

                    1. re: slowcoooked

                      The pre-cooked BBQ counter? They used to only have one sausage there. They now have a variety? I might have to stop in for that. Their regular BBQ is less than nothing great. And the one guy working there is a total idiot. I asked for a piece of pork butt with a lot of bark and what does he do? The exact opposite. And then he wonders why I refused it and walked away. Then he follows me around the store like some stalker. Weird.


                      1. re: sqwertz

                        Yep SW, the precooked. Sometimes they'll have them cooked up, but they're rare unfortunately. And they're quite good even when they prep them in their large glorified toaster oven looking unit.