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Jun 6, 2011 08:29 AM

Belgian Beer Glasses

I've read that a typical Belgian Beer Pub will carry not only 300 different varieties of beer, but 300 different glasses to serve them in?

A/ I suppose the reasons for this are the type of beer, do you want the aroma first, breathing, etc.

B/ How does a small pub find the room for all these glasses, and how does the bartender keep track of the inventory and its location? Seems daunting!

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  1. Yes - there are probably at least 300 varieties of beer in Belgium and probably each has its own glass.

    Very few bars however will sell 300 beers (although there are a few speciality places which seem to try). Most will have no more than 10 - 20 varieties and they seem to manage the glasses ok. At the risk of sounding pretentious, many Belgian beers are seen as "contemplative" drinks and there is a bit of a ceremony involved in pouring and drinking - other beers are for knocking back and can be served in a standard beer glass. Some bars have links to a brewery and I guess they supply the glasses.

    Some of the glasses are farly special - notably the Kwak glass in its wooden stand. Years ago there was a bar in Gent which took of your shoes as a deposit on the better glasses and hung it from the roof - you got your shoe back when you returned the glass intact. Maybe it's still there (the bar, not my shoe).

    PS - did you know that Belgium claims to be the home of surrealism?