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Jun 6, 2011 08:27 AM

DTW: Boylan's Black Cherry by the case?

I really like Boylan's Black Cherry pop. Sporadically, my local Meijer will have a four bottle pack of 12 ounce glass bottles for $4. But, it tends to sell fairly fast. I'm interested in getting a case of it. To be more specific, a warm case, since I don't have the refrigerator space for a case of pop in glass bottles. I believe a case is 24 bottles.

Anyone know where I can get a case? I know they sell it at Sparrow Market in A2, and Zingerman's has it. But, I don't know if they can/will sell me a case of black cherry.

Basically, it's gotta work out to $1 or so a 12 ounce bottle, plus deposit, for me to wanna get a case versus stocking up whenever Meijer has a four pack. I see no reason to spend more to get a case than it'd cost to just get four packs....


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  1. Check Hillers - they carry Boylan's and if they don't have the Black Cherry they can get it for you.

    1. Have you considered asking Meijer's to order what you seek?

      1. Red Wagon Wine Shoppe has a market-type offspring called Off the Wagon. They carry Boylan's and some other more "uncommon" sodas at Off the Wagon. A smaller retailer like them might be more likely to order/sell you a whole case.

        Red Wagon:
        Off the Wagon:

        1. Not sure what side of town you're on, but Nino's also carries Boylan's and they are good about special orders.