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Jun 6, 2011 08:18 AM

Ewww.. I have to cook that!?

Any tips on how to make a dish that you personally can not stand to eat. For example , I hate seafood (wish I didn't) and have the hardest time preparing it because tasting is out the window.

I am not sure if there is any real help, just wanted to get some others opinions. My latest challenge making pickels

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  1. I have a few things my dad loves that I cook for him despite finding them slightly repulsive (he is 90...I figure if he has lived this long he deserves some perks). Split pea soup is something he loves that I just do not care for. I am sure I could find a way to make it palatable to eat myself, but then it wouldn't be the split pea soup that he loves.

    I just think of it as a labor of love and something I am doing special for him. Same thing for my vegetarian husband when I would rather be making beef stroganoff instead of beef-less stroganoff.

    1. If you are offering to make something that the individual is known to love, you have to suck it up and make the effort to produce something to that person's expectations (e.g. jihinwa's pea soup example).

      if you are inviting someone to a meal, apart from accounting for food allergies and religious dietary restrictions, the menu is yours to control. In this context if you pick something that you personally detest, then it`s your own damn fault for putting it on your menu.

      1. My husband loves Tuna Casserole but I loathe canned tuna. I just bite the bullet & make it. I obviously don't taste it, but I ask him how it is or if it needs something, then I adjust it next time. I have a pretty good working recipe & now my daughter helps me make it. (She doesn't like it either)

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          This is exactly what I do. My husband likes a plethora of things I do not, but I cook them for him and cook something along side for myself. Or if an acceptable substitute is found for the particular detested ingredient he doesn't mind that I swap it out ie greek yogurt instead of mayo. He actually liked the chicken salad made with the yogurt better than the mayo.

        2. Pickles are so universally available, I wouldn't bother making them. If the canned varieties aren't suitable, you can get just about any type you might want at various delicatessens.

          My father-in-law, a West Virginia native, likes some foods that I find objectionable. But I bite the bullet and sample it because he's 93 and it makes him happy. If I were in your place, cooking for a family member and needing a taster, I'd simply use that person to do the tasting. But I have to agree with wattacetti; it's your call when you control the menu.

          1. I live alone and there's no one I cook for. When I cooked for a living, I would usually trade off with someone when it came to something like hard-boiled eggs, which to me, are no different than ****.

            I guess my way of dealing with it is just not to cook anything I don't like.

            Why, if I may ask, are you making pickles?

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              Oh Jay F my friend, its amazing what you will do for the mystical powers of the opposite sex. hahaha.