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Jun 6, 2011 06:39 AM

Diabetics are consumers too


I read many times ,wonderful recipes,but when it comes to desserts,there are few for Diabetics. Now I know for a fact there is a huge hole out there for sugar free desserts.Think about it this way,next time you go to a restaurant,or Pastry shop,ask if they have any of their product that is sugar free.The answer you will most likely get is <"We did try making a few ,but they didn't sell,so we stopped making them">.It is as if people who can not eat sugary delights,don"t matter My friends there are literally tens of thousands of Diabetics who crave desserts,just like anyone else.Look at it this way,more then likely every ,one out of five going in a place of business is Diabetic,or are borderline already.I would like to see many more recipes that are sugar free and allow many more people enjoy a simple pleasure . Phil Pinto

  1. If you haven't Googled the term "diabetic desserts" then I urge to you do so and I am sure you will be inundated with information on this subject:

    My Google return was seven hundred eleven thousand pages when I did exactly that

    1. I'm a diabetic with blood glucose tightly controlled by diet alone. I don't buy sugar free desserts in bakeries because they're still loaded with carbs from flour and other ingredients, so no good for me. Exceptions would be sugar free cheesecake or flourless chocolate cake. Of course, the cheesecake isn't sf, just no sugar added, due to the lactose content in the cream cheese.

      Also, because I eat very low carb, I don't crave desserts and they're a rare treat, not a regular thing for me.

      When I read recipes, I do a mental checklist of the modifications I can make to reduce the carbs, not just the sugar, and if it seems as if they wouldn't compromise the taste, I might try it.
      Modifications would be substitution with mixed sweeteners like xylitol, liquid sucralose, erythritol, use of carbalose flour instead of regular, darker or unsweetened chocolate, subbing with the sweeteners above, etc...

      1. You should listen to mcf phil pinto. She has been in the trenches for many years. I've come to believe that diabetes can be controlled by diet alone. Have you seen the movie simply raw? I know this is not the same way mcf eats but some of the ideas are the same. I've read and heard over and over again that the cravings go away, and pretty quickly too. I know this is not what you asked but I hope some of the comments are still useful to you.

        1. As a 15+ year type 2 with consistent <6 Ha1c for the last few years, let me state that I completely agree with mcf and givemecarbs. The idea of eating correctly with diabetes is that you end up not wanting these foods - low sugar or not. Aspartame and sucralose are part of the problem - not the solution. Simple carbs are as evil as sugar.

          There is indeed a complete dearth of low carb/low sugar desserts at restaurants and that's because there is no demand. And that's exactly the way it should be. It isn't a matter of saying we're part of the marketplace, too - it's a matter of insuring that we, individually, learn to eat healthily and stay away from ever representing such a marketplace.

          There are items I do wish were out there more. I wish that every bottle of sugar-free artificially sweetened Iced tea were replaced with unsweetened Iced tea. Lipton makes a decent bottled unsweetened Iced tea, but nobody caries it. Thank goodness for McDonald's carrying unsweetened Iced tea - the only reason I go through the drive-through.

          As I get older and the neuropathy and retinopathy become more pronounced, I begin to personally understand the issues better. Diabetes is serious - I'm probably going to die from it, no matter how well I fend it off. You don't treat it seriously by substituting some sugar-free items for sugared ones. You do it by changing what you eat. No pasta, no potato and shut off that sweet tooth for good - no diet sodas and no floury, sweet desserts - ask for a cheese platter or a small piece of fruit.

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            Nice post applehome. Have you seen Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days?

            1. re: givemecarbs

              I think it's really inappropriate to be posting this raw food stuff to a diabetic thread. Thus far, only carbohydrate restriction is proven to improve clinical outcomes down to non diabetic risk levels reduce or eliminate the need for medications and to achieve serological target markers in diabetes.

            2. re: applehome

              I'm sorry to hear about your vision and nerve issues. I reversed very severe PNs and kidney damage with a very low carb diet and also time released alpha lipoic acid many years ago. I've been DM for decades, undiagnosed for much of it, and also keep my A1c below 6 with diet alone, no meds. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and meds used to lower bg after eating too many carbs show a higher mortality rate. Sugar free desserts and diabetic Frankenfoods only serve to keep sweets cravings alive as you say, and actually have been shown to trigger insulin release due to their sweetness. Diabetics need protein, fats and colorful, fibrous veggies all day long.

              I sure wish unsweetened iced tea were available, too! The currently available ones are so heavily sweetened that if I want one (nearly never), I have to dilute it by more than half to achieve a less than sickening level of sweetness.

              1. re: mcf

                The diet green iced tea at Costco might be unsweetened mcf. I got a case last summer but I can't remember. I'll probably be swinging by there soon, if so I'll check. Didn't mean to offend you by posting about that movie. Sorry. We both keep saying the same thing though, that diet is the answer and for goodness sake stay away from heavily processed foods. We are both saying things that the OP probably doesn't want to hear. You do know mcf that Albert Schweitzer cured himself of type two diabetes right? Sounds like you are doing the same and you are my hero you know. One of the things I admire about you is your distrust of the medical establishment. Taking a page from your book might save my life someday or that of a loved one." It's a marathon not a sprint." Oh so true.

            3. Folks, this thread is getting into the realm of providing advice on medical treatments, which is something we try to avoid, so we're going to lock it now.