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Jun 6, 2011 06:00 AM

Weekday Dim Sum in Chinatown?

Hi, everyone -

I'm planning a Chinatown lunch for some co-workers later this week, and many people were thinking that dim sum would be fun. As a chinatown novice, I was hoping for a bit of help. First, do most of the "regular" dim sum places have weekday dim sum? Second, it seems as if Winsor Cafe is a big hit here - but maybe too small for our party?

Given that there's a level of ease needed with these co-workers, I want to make sure this is somewhere we won't have to make a reservation or wait for a long time ... though quality of food is still important. Also, we'll be coming from Tufts Medical Center, if that helps with location.

Thanks, hounds - it's been a long time since I've posted here!

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  1. weekdays are usually not a problem. You don;t state the number in your party but Winsor has tables that can accommodate 10. IF you can get there a little before 12, you should have no problem, Given that you are a novice (and your guests as well?), one of the big cart places might be more fun. Hei la Moon, or Empire Garden for example.

    Empire Garden Restaurant
    690 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111

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      If you decide your group is not that adventurous, you can reserve for a large group /large tables at New Shanghai, for lunch specials (both spicy and nonspicy)

      New Shanghai Restaurant
      21 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

    2. Thanks for the quick replies!

      Our party will likely be 10-15.

      And sadly, yes, other than 2 people that have lived in China, we're all Chinatown novices (but with adventurous palates all!)

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        With that many people I would go to one of the bigger places, most items have pork and/or shrimp, 3-4 pieces per order, ask for some knifes and forks to cut things in to smaller pieces and grab a few of each item and if enough people like it the next time the cart comes around order some more.
        I think at Hei la Moon you can also order some real dishes off the menu like lo mein or fried rice to satisfy those pickier eaters or to spend less. I forget what the prices are for dim sum, but they are labled sm $3.50?/med $4?/large 5? and are stamped on a card as you order your dish and are added up at the end. Usually less than $14 a person but will depend on what and how many you order.
        Have a great experience

      2. Chau Chow City serves dim sum everyday. Very large third floor room can easily accomodate your party. Excellent quality, focusing more on seafood dim sum. Was just there on Sat.........yum!!! I happen to prefer the carts, rather than ordering off a menu.

        Chau Chow City
        81 Essex St, Boston, MA 02111