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Jun 6, 2011 12:52 AM

Community Supported Farms (YEG)

I'm looking into buying a CSA membership from a local farm where you pay an amount to a farm to help their costs and in turn are provided with weekly produce baskets. CSA programs are more abundant in BC than here but wondering if anyone has recommendations, or experience with CSA programs in Edmonton. Also seeing how late into the season I'm joining, if any farms still have available memberships.

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  1. I think that if a CSA still has room they are more than willing to let someone come in late.

    I was considering signing up with Sparrow's Nest but I ultimately decided that it was a little too much food for me to handle right now (single household). They were very good about answering questions and sent me lots of info.

    I know Maryann at Good Note Community Farm was doing a chicken share but I think the ordering for that is done for now. One of the people who are using one of their sections for farming has a CSA although I don't know anything about it. It looks like that CSA hasn't started yet.

    1. Thanks for the info anonymoose - I ended up purchasing a half share with Sunhill Gardens today. Mostly because they still had availability and offered half shares. I'm also a small household (of two). Excited about getting our first basket and seeing how this works. I'll be blogging about it and will post info here in case anyone is interested for next year.

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        Ooh half shares? I am definitely interested in hearing your feedback.

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          Promised to post about our experience with Sunhill's CSA program. The risk with a CSA is that you share the produce and you share the poor growing results. Last year's growing season wasn't great (poor weather conditions from Mar-May) but we still had 12 weeks worth of produce.

          We found that the half-share was more than enough produce for 2 people. We kept having potatoes, beans, and carrots leftover and were parboiling and freezing little baggies each week. I had enough to last us through to December. We've purchased another half-share for this upcoming season. Sounds like Sunhill is already sold out for their Sherwood Park CSA pick-up.

          If anyone is interested in more info. Posted about our experience here:

      2. I saw that green eggs and ham have a CSA too.

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          Hi Bryn, do you know anything more about the CSA at Green Eggs and Ham?

          I looked them up in the beginning but the description on their site emphasized the poultry end as it's their specialty. Made it seem like it was probably a poultry share vs produce... I should send them an email, I did buy a pack of duck sausage once and loved it.

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            They said veggies too on their sign at the farmers market!

        2. Just a resource (for all of Alberta) you might not have come across yet.