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Jun 5, 2011 11:39 PM

Apsley's? esp. if you've been to La Pergola [London]

Very excited to find out that H. Beck has a restaurant in London, just in time for my visit:) I still dream about the meals I had at La Pergola - so .... does anyone know how they compare?

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  1. estnet - I haven't been to La Pergola, but that is with deep regret if it's better than Apsleys, which is very, very good indeed. Many on another renowned foodie message board - egullet - have been raving about its prowess for some time so it also boasts a weight of consistent opinion to go along with its Michelin star. Definitely worth a trip.

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      Thanks - I'll check egullet (didn't come up when I did a search).

      I have to say if you are ever in Rome go to La Pergola!!!!! I live in the San Francisco bay area and have no shortage of excellent restaurants but I've even thought of making a special trip to Rome just to go back. If Apsley is even almost as good I'll be in heavan.