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Jun 5, 2011 10:19 PM

Is there any specialty grocery store like Berkeley Bowl in Los Angeles???

The recent revival of DTLA and all of these new food scene development in LA is making me really proud! It's been 4 years since we moved to the Bay Area and we want to come back home!

There are many wonderful food related stuff in the Bay and plenty of it, and especially we love the specialty grocery store called Berkeley Bowl. They have every kind of vegetable you can think of, edible flowers for garnishes, bulk section ranging from black rice to agave nectar. Many restaurant chefs go buy the ingredients there, and it is more convenient than farmers market, just because they are open everyday like a regular market, and they have a huge variety of stuff.

Does anybody know where we can have a similar shopping experience in LA? And yes, Berkeley Bowl is cheaper than Whole Foods and they have about 10 times more stuff!

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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    1. I can't think of any one-stop-shop in LA quite like Berkeley Bowl. Fortunately, from where we live we can easily hit Trader Joe's, the Pasadena farmers market, Asian and Latino supermarkets, an Armenian/Persian/etc specialty store, a cheese store, and Europane all within a few miles, so that covers about 95% of our food shopping (and mostly eliminates any need/desire to stop in Whole Foods).

      For grains, cereals, etc. in bulk the best place I've found is the Loma Linda vegetarian supermarket, run by (and mostly for) the SDAs. It's a long slog from most of LA but we stop there to load up the trunk on the way to/from Palm Springs, Big Bear, and other points east.

      1. I wish so badly that there was. I rely on a combination of the SaMo farmers market, the Co-op, Whole Foods, and Surfa's to get all the stuff I want. And then I stop at Berkeley Bowl when I'm up in the Bay Area!

        1. No, unfortunately. It's one of the places I miss the most about the Bay Area.

          You will need to go to a number of different places to get the same things. On the other hand, LA has a large number of Asian and Latino supermarkets that are often highly specialized and often carry items that Berkeley Bowl would never carry.

          1. Surfas (culver city) and Bristol Farms are my faves.