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Feb 22, 2006 07:13 PM

The online restaurant menu thread of all time!

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Be honest. There's nothing more Chowish than browsing a good restaurant's online menu. So often, the hounds will post a link to the restaurant they are talking about, and I LOVE that. It would be so cool and helpful to have a nice long thread full of such links to peruse. Let's see how many online menus for the L.A. area we can get into one thread. Post your faves now! In keeping with the rules, no chains please. I'll start it off with a personal fave place:


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  1. Here's where I'm going tonight!

    Here's where I went this past weekend!

    Here's the last place I had a GREAT dinner:


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    1. re: Dommy!

      I was looking at the menu for Rombi's. Is it my imagination or are the prices a bit high? Is it worth the cost? What did you have and or recommend?

      1. re: Sarge

        The prices are high, but the autmosphere, service, food (The dinners included soup and salad as well as Bruchetta) all warented it...

        I'll post more about it soon! :)


      2. re: Dommy!

        please give us a quick review of ford's filling station tomorrow! i have been wanting to go....

        1. re: hellolizzie

          We already had one short thread on F'sFS with a few mini reviews scattered in the replies, (see link).


      3. Great idea!
        I have more than one and since I am only able to put one at a time as a link, I will list them here.


        La Parrilla Mexican (3 locs. Los Angeles

        Ngoma Restaurant
        have not been here, but plan on it someday...

        Auntie Em's, Eagle Rock

        Las Fuentes, Reseda

        Here is a good link for San Gabriel Valley restaurants and their menus...

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          rabo encendido

          For the menu of the best Lebanese restaurant in Los Angeles, click below.


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          1. I love Doughboys!


            1. s

              Good heavens! I don't dare.

              Mine are hundreds long.

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              1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                Then pick the ONE that you feel has the most attractive, best laid out, most useful, and the most fun to view website.