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Vegas Wedding - need advice, local input

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My step son is going to get married in Vegas in October. The brides parents are paying for the ceremony at Caesar's but that 45 minute event is the only thing planned to celebrate their marriage. Hoping some fellow Chowhounds can offer up some adivce on the following:

Wedding is in the Juno Garden at Caesars at 6:00pm - any ideas for an economical reception (30 to 40 people) site in walking distance to Caesars?

If we could arrange transportation for attendees, is there an off strip restaurant you might recommend for a receptionthat might have a private room - the budgt is tight so the venue can be on the casual/home style side.

As an alternate plan we are thinking about renting a hospitality suite (somewhere ??) and hosting a small event after the ceremony but the Bride still wants a first dance and daddy daughter dance . A "friend" recently did a Vega wedding and were able to arrange early entrance to a Club and had their dance then were able to stay in the Club to party for a bit. Don't have the club name, location or cost. Any thoughts on this idea? Also, any experience with hospitality suites in Vegas? Can we bring in outside food and drink?

By trade I am a planner so this let's roll with it approach to wedding planning isn't working well for me. Hoping to nail down a few more details.

Thanks for the help!


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  1. I would start with the events planning coordinator and/or the concierge at Caesars first. Worst case scenario, they have a great coffee shop that serves great food. And they have several nightclubs that the concierge may be able to help you with.

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      I would suggest against PURE nightclub at Caesar's. It's super crowded, and has very little space to hang out if you can't afford table service. Popular, but by far not my favorite club in Vegas.

    2. How much are you looking to spend per person or for the group?

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        Quite frankly .. we're likely going to top out at $800 - $1000. More than anything I just want an opportunity to celebrate his marriage in some fashion. I HATE the thought of a 4 minute ceremony, 26 minutes of pictures and calling it done! The brides family are not planners so they think we can just find something after the wedding and who ever wants to go, goes. That doesn't work for me (I need a plan). Further, I am annoyed that they have opted for a destination wedding and only after booking a venue do they share there's no budget. At least at home we could throw a nice party. Sorry, I am venting.

        Maybe someone has a few ideas - we don't need fancy, just an appropriate space.


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          I am a twelve year Las Vegas local. The bride's parents are mistaken that a large group can show up to s restaurant and be seated, especially if it's a weekend. You may want to consider Magiannos Little Italy on the Strip or Buca di Beppo on East Flamingo and about two miles east of Caesers. Both do family style Italian food. Buca di Beppo has private rooms. Unsure about Maggianos. Either way, you should reserve a room and perhaps preorder the menu. The other option is doing a Chinese meal. Joyful House is where a lot of the Chinese community goes for Chinese meals. You may want to call them to see if they can do a post wedding meal. http://www.joyfulhouselv.com/

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            My cousin had a wedding reception at Battista's Hole in the Wall that was so much fun. We had our own big table and space in the back room. We all drank so much Asti Spumante, cold red wine, and ate hearty Italian-American food which all was a lot better tasting than I thought it would be. The music (accordian player) really makes this place though. About $30 per person for food and wine.

            Battista's Hole In the Wall
            4041 Audrie St, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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            I don't live in LV, but I'm there often enough, and I have to say your budget is going to make things nearly impossible (unless you do one of the low-mid tier chains already suggested, but who wants to do that to celebrate a wedding?!). I'm not sure where you're from, but LV is ridiculously expensive, especially when it comes to food and booze. Your bar bill alone will be $800 for 30-40 people celebrating. Heck, it would probably be more.

            I think you're going to have to up the budget or somehow reduce the size of the reception.

        2. P. J. Clarke's (702-434-7900) in the Forum Shops at Caesar's might be an interesting possibility for you. They have a private area (the "Sidecar") that would handle a party of your size well, and while the price point will be close, it looks like it can be a fit.

          1. I was going to recommend Maggiano's as well, they have private rooms upstairs and might meet your budget limit for 30 people but not for 40. P.J. Clarkes would be pricier, and if it's a Saturday night you're going to have a hard time finding something within budget on the strip. Cleopatra's Barge in Caesar's usually has a dance band at night so that might be an option for dancing, there is no cover charge.
            Order a cake from Retro Bakery, they are reasonable even with the $20 strip delivery charge. And delicious.

            Retro Bakery
            7785 N Durango Dr Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV

            1. Margaritaville is across from Caesars, easy access and that might be a good place to look at. They advertise "cocktail receptions" and maybe you could have cash bar along with lots of appetizers, and a cake.


              I would advise against anything off strip or too-organized. You will probably have half the attendees with an attitude of "why is the mom taking over, they wanted this to be easy" etc etc. Those types of naysayers will be likely to attend something that's just a walk across the street, but will gripe about heading a mile away etc.

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                I'm wondering if a buffet will corner off a section for you? The bellagio has an amazing amazing buffet and it's reasonably priced. Might not be the intimate gathering you are hoping for but the price is right and the food (good!) and plenty.

              2. We just got married in Las Vegas and we looked online for caterers in Las Vegas and came across Parise Catering, the website looked great and the reputation was great via online reviews, so we decided to give them a call. Chef Parise the owner answered the phone and he made us feel comfortable right away and eased our last minute stress. To make a long story short...we hire Parise Catering and we could not have been happier. Chef Parise and hi staff handled everything for us from top to bottom and expedite our wedding perfectly! The food was amazing and the service was fantastic. We highly recommend Parise Catering if you want a worry free event. you can find them at http://parisecatering.com

                1. It might be a little too casual, but Serendipity 3 (like the one in NYC) is at Caesars Palace, right in front of the main entrance to the hotel. I go there for an occasional Frrrozen hot chocolate and the last time I was there, I noticed the large outdoor patio was sectioned off for a private wedding party.

                  The patio overlooks the LV Strip and also has misters.

                  It may be something to inquire about. Serendipity 3 has great desserts and if budget is a concern, you could just do a cocktail / dessert reception. However the food is also fairly inexpensive too--and kid friendly in case that's a concern.