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Jun 5, 2011 08:11 PM

Restaurants in Newport KY/Cincy Area for less than $20 a person?

My mom, 19-month-old daughter and I are going to be making a trip to the Northern KY airport later this month to drop off some friends, then will spend the night and hit the aquarium the next day. I love trying local restaurants and would love some suggestions! Our favorite types or restaurants are Italian, TexMex, Southern and Asian cuisines. We're not huge on BBQ or Mexican.

Thanks in advance! So glad I found this site!

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  1. Arnold's Bar & Grill, which is on 8th street in downtown Cincinnati, is a great place to go. It's the oldest bar/restaurant in the city & has a great outdoor courtyard that often has live music. It's child friendly & has a large menu to accommodate your price range. We often go there w/ our kids & the food is great.

    Dewey's Pizza is a regional pizza chain at the Newport on the Levee, which is also where the aquarium is located. It's a kid friendly without the Chuck or the Cheese! The wait can be long on the weekends.

    Pompilio's is a family friendly Italian restaurant in Newport, very close to the Levee. The food is pretty average, but it has great atmosphere.

    While you are in the area, stop at Schneider's Candy Shop in Bellevue Ky. It's probably within a couple miles of the Levee. Their homemade chocolates & ice cream is really great. For whatever reason, they don't get near the publicity as the other local ice cream shoppes.

    One the way to Schneider's, you'll pass the Party Source. It's a huge alcohol store, but has a lot of great cheeses, breads, & specialty foods, if you want a quick little snack. On Wed evenings & Sat mornings there is a farmer's market in the parking lot.

    I'm sure there are other places nearby, but most of them are national chains, or not child-friendly. I find most of the chain restaurants on the river to have sub-par food, which always seems a waste of money to me. Have a great time! I'm sure your daughter will love the aquarium!

    Pompilio's Restaurant
    600 Washington Ave, Newport, KY 41071

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      Thank you so much! I've been to the aquarium before, but am super excited about taking my kiddo.

      I'm a big foodie and I get SO frustrated with chain restaurants. To me you hardly ever get what you deserve for what you pay. Thank you SO much for your recommendations! I will DEFINITELY be checking one (or more) of these out!

    2. Though German isn't listed as one of your favorites, the Haufbraus is our go to place when in Newport. It's generally fun atmosphere.