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Jun 5, 2011 07:50 PM

Any good Chinese or Thai places in North Conway? Pizza too?

Our family will be going to North Conway for a 4-day weekend and would love to find decent places for Chinese and/or Thai food. The kids love both, so it would calm them knowing there is comfort food available.

Also any good pizza places, as we might just do a pizza order one night?

Finally, read some posts about Peaches and Priscilla's as good breakfast places. Any bakery recs though?

Any other kid friendly places for lunch or dinner would be greatly appreciated. The kids are fledgling chow pups and would consume anything that has good flavor. :) TIA!

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  1. Went into China Chef a half hour before closing, ordered from the menu and paid dearly. The boneless spare ribs were dry and hard, obviously giving up any hope of enjoyment hours earlier. The fried rice that came with the dish was a deep dark brown color, and gave off the oder of the overused, burnt oil that it was obviously re heated in, and over powered the flavor of the main dish.
    I know things are hard in the restaurant business these days, but why chase away the few customers you have by trying to save on a little rice? When will I ever learn- If you reallly crave the flavor of asian cuisine, and don't know a good Chinese place, go for the Thai or Japanese place. Chances are they actually look at what they put in front of you.

    China Chef
    2025 White Mountain Hwy, Conway, NH 03818

    1. Nice pizza, beautifully seasoned with little bits of oregano on the cheese. good thin crust pie.

      Elvio's Pizzeria & Restaurant
      2888 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860

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        Avoid this one unless you like rubber for crust. Pizza tastes and looks like it was prepared by a disinterested teenager with little interest in food or its presentation.

        Brandli's Pizza Pasta Grille
        RR 16, Conway, NH 03818

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          Hope the OP didn't starve to death waiting for a reply... ;)