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Jun 5, 2011 05:47 PM

Jamaican food and ice cream on Governor's Island

Went to Governor's Island today and, near the weird mini golf course, got some Jamaican food from Veronica's, the vendor who has the concession there. It was pretty great. The jerk chicken didn't skimp on the spice at all and was very flavorful. The ginger beer I had was pretty impressively spicy, too. My wife got oxtail, which was sumptuous. The sides weren't as spectacular, but got the job done; I tried the mac n' cheese, rice and beans, and collard greens.

For dessert, we got Blue Marble Ice Cream near the Southern part of the island. The people I was with got a lot of flavors, but the butter pecan was the best. It actually was really ... buttery.

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