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Jun 5, 2011 05:29 PM

Grocery Outlet - June 2011


Pretzel M & M's

Oreo brownies or fudge cream cookies 50 cents

Sorry if this is redundant. Nothing turned up in search

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  1. You're back!

    I noted several varieties of soy ice creams. I am trying to cut down on sugar, but it's good to know nevertheless.

    I bought Yves meatless meatballs for a dollar. Score!

    Also, the cheapie fan-style watering hose ends that I love for $1.99. For some reason, Home Depot doesn't carry them anymore. That said, the ones I bought at GO weren't as good as the old Home Depot ones (Gilmour was the manufacturer of the ones I used to love).

    I was in the Southern California stores but I'm sure you guys have better selection.

    1. Berkeley - just in time for rum season, Mexican Coca Cola, $0.89 per 355ml / 12oz bottle.

      1. I don't know if they are still there.. but Oakland had great Cru Single vineyard Duboeuf (not the mediocre Flower Label) wines for 5.99.. including a 2006 Morgon that was delicious

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        1. re: jason carey

          As of yesterday, Oakland had a good selection of Georges Duboeuf beaujolais, including a 2005 Domaine de la Seigneurie de Julienas for $7.99, several other Julienas from 2006, 2008 for $5.99-6.99, as well as several cases of the 2006 Morgon mentioned above. Great value.

        2. Got these from the Fremont store.

          bellafoglia supreme pizza 3.99
          Kashi mushroom/spinach 3 pizza pack 7.99
          Humboldt creamery organic mint chip ice cream 1.99
          Party peanuts 2.99

          Also got
          bamboo gadget set 3.99
          lodge pitcher 3.99
          The pitcher will be good for iced tea etc.

          There were many gelato flavors like mango,coconut, wild-berry. Have tried the mango and its good.
          There were new soup flavors from Pacific, carrot-almond, mushroom and tomato-herb.

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          1. re: chowmeaow

            The San Pablo store has near pints of Cyclops frozen yogurt for $1.99. It's from New Zealand ... which should have been a warning bell ... yogurt shipped that far.


            It looks like it was soft serve that was piped into the container with lots of air space so it had that fuzzy skin quality that ice cream gets if it is left in the freezer uncovered. That was annoying too ... it looked like a pint, but it was 1/3 empty.

            It just did not taste fresh. Which is too bad because it probably was good when fresh, it is a very tangy yogurt. That beig said, the strawberry didn't have much strawberry flavor. Skip it.

            1. re: rworange

              Have had that problem before with ice cream at GO -- it varies from container to container: some will be fine and others will have melted and re-frozen. I always press the side of the carton near the top to see if it feels firm.

              Sunday morning at Oakland GO:

              $2.99 Maranantha Cashew (and Almond) butter
              $2.49 Smuckers Organic peanutbutter
              $.99 De Boles Jerusalem artichoke linguini (I've had this before and liked it)
              $.99 McVittie's digestive biscuit (exp date in May but probably will be good for a while longer)
              $1.99 Newman's Own Pasta sauce, two flavors
              $1.49 -- Italian brand of tomato basil sauce in tetrapak cartons
              $1.99 -- half gallon unsweetened vanilla almond milk
              They also had half gallons of Horizon organic fat free milk -- don't remember the price

          2. According to the San Francisco Business Times, Grocery Outlet is close to signing a lease in SF's Richmond district and could open a branch in San Francisco in the first half of 2012.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Any speculation on where that might be located?

              Also, has anyone been by the South San Francisco location (El
              Camino and Hickey) recently? They had an "Opening Soon" banner up a few months ago.

              1. re: pamf

                The Richmond district branch could be Geary @ 27th which has been vacant for awhile.

                1. re: baron45

                  I heard it was going into the old (new-ish) Albertson's at 33rd and Clement, could be wrong however.

                  1. re: ML8000

                    Fresh & Easy opens on June 22 at the Clement & 32nd location.

                  2. re: baron45

                    The site of the closed Delano IGA market would be a good site for a Grocery Outlet. Fresh and Easy opened today with lines of people waiting to get in so I think the neighborhood is anxious for more grocery stores.

                    1. re: foodseek

                      In 2012, Trader Joe's will be taking over the space at the current Cala Foods located at California & Hyde:


                  3. re: pamf

                    The SSF location is waiting for approval to sell wine/beer. Last I heard they were hoping to open in July. Construction looks done, hopefully it will be open soon.