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Jun 5, 2011 04:26 PM

Krups XP 2240 combined espresso/ coffee maker?

I am looking to buy a combined espresso and coffee maker, and I saw this one by Krups online, but because I cant find it in the store, Ill have to order it online. Can anyone tell me, if they have experience with this model, or another that is combined espresso/coffee maker, does it have a warming element underneith the coffee carafe to keep the coffee warm after its brewed?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Hi hungryabbey,

    The only pictures I can find of this model show it with a glass carafe. Every drip coffee maker I know of with a glass carafe uses a warmer. The non-heated models will use a thermal carafe instead. The owner's manual for the XP 1500 says that it has a warming plate, so I'd guess this one does, too. Can you email the seller & ask?

    Krups does make a moka pot style "espresso" maker that brews into a very small glass carafe & does NOT have a warmer, but this XP 2240 model looks like it brews espresso directly into cups instead.

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      Perfect. Thank you for your input!!