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Jun 5, 2011 02:40 PM

Great meal at Le Verre Vole

We had a great dinner tonight at a very reasonable price.

Starters -

Tomato salad - Fresh medley of tomatoes complimented by seaweed greens and a perfect vinegrette, 9E

Lettuce salad - perfectly dressed, very fresh greens

Bread was also very good.

Mains - 18E

Le Bauette Boeuf - grilled steak with seaweed (looks like tiny asparagus), fresh peas, carrots, fingerling potatoes in a very subtle, but perfect onion based sauce. Sauce was very light and outstanding.

Dessert -

Mousse de chocolat - simple, great flavor

Wine -

Priced fairly and the selection is good. Had a grenache based wine called Terre Inconnue for 39E (32E if you buy to take home + 7E to have with your meal) that was one of the best wines I've had for the price in a restaurant in a long time

Service -

Friendly and warm. Chef Royden K. came out to see how to say hi.

Le Verre Vole -

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  1. There's a new chef? Lately it was Delphine Zampetti and Patrice Gelbart.
    Glad you had "friendly and warm" service. Some here haven't had the same experience.

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    1. re: Ptipois


      The chef we spoke to was named Royden K. (that was the name on the business card he gave us).

      I don't know anything about the history of this restaurant, but got the impression he was the "chef."

      In any event he is a very nice, warm individual that seems to care a lot about his customers' experience.

      1. re: KansasTornado

        I spoke to the chef yesterday on the phone and it was still Patrice Gelbart...
        I suppose going there would solve the mystery. Last time I was there I asked (just for information for that is sometimes seen in some restaurants) if the place was into hiring "itinerant" chefs... And the waiter snapped at me as if I had asked him do they put spiders in their black pudding. So I wondered.

    2. Patrice Gelbart is still the chef there so unless there's a triumvirate going on (including Delphine) or some mysterious chef rotation, I wonder if you've really been to Le Verre Volé ;-)