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Jun 5, 2011 01:47 PM

BBQ on way from Charleston to Asheville

My family is driving from Charleston to Asheville, and we were hoping to stop along the way for some authentic Southern BBQ. Greatly appreciate any recommendations you can provide! We'll be headed out on a Sunday mid-morning. Thanks!

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  1. Unfortuneatly, you're going to be hard pressed to find a decent BBQ place open on a Sunday. All the ones I know are closed. I believe Hudson's in Lexington is open on Sunday, and it's okay.

    1. Hudson's in Lexington is pretty good. There's a newer location at Harbison Blvd, but I heard they had a fire - not sure if they are open currently. The original location on Sunset Blvd is less convenient, but worth the detour. Be prepared to wait a bit for a table, as they usually have a pretty good after-church crowd on Sundays. Little Pigs in Columbia isn't bad - I don't know if they are open on Sundays. Once you get past Columbia you won't find much in the way of good barbecue (unless you have time to detour up to Shelby NC and go to Bridges Barbecue Lodge, which is excellent).

      Bridges Barbecue Lodge
      2000 E Dixon Blvd, Shelby, NC 28152

      Little Pigs
      115 Bountyland Rd, Seneca, SC 29672

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        Hudson's in Lexington on Sunday is the only good option that I am aware of. I am not a big fan of Hudson's (good but not great), but that is the only real option. It is probably 4 miles at the most from I-26.

      2. As slotmansc mentioned, Sunday is not a good day for mom-and-pop restaurants in upstate SC. I think your best bet is Little Pig Too in Irmo. They actually serve "brunch". The serve buffet style and usually have pulled pork. THeir other food is good of its type, too.

        11210 Broad River Road

        Irmo, SC 29063-9669

        (803) 781-6160

        Little Pigs Barbeque Too
        11210 Broad River Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

        Little Pigs
        115 Bountyland Rd, Seneca, SC 29672

        1. Thanks for the feedback! If Sunday is really a bad day, we do have one alternative. We're driving from Asheville to Charlotte on Tuesday, and could stop somewhere along the way for dinner. Are there any killer barbeque spots we'd find along that road? Thank you!

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            Well, if you decide to go the scenic route through Bat Cave, Rutherfordton, etc., there are two good places in Shelby. My personal favorite is Alston Bridge's BBQ, 620 E. Grover Street. There is also Bridges BBQ Lodge (no relation) on E. Dixon (Hwy 74) in Shelby. If you go the I-40 route, the only places I've been to were in Gastonia, Fletchers and R.O.'s. Of the two, I like Fletchers much better, but many people rec R.O.'s.