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Jun 5, 2011 01:44 PM

Hard Crabs & shrimp in St. Augustine end of July

I'll be in St. Augustine in the end of July and very much would like to get some hard crabs(blue crabs) and shrimp... not too interested in restaurant fare - just want some take some back to the cottage, spread out a few newspapers, mix up a little Old Bay & vinegar and line up the empties as I we eat a few crabs.

Not too familiar with the area, but have (non seafood eating) relatives that are. Just need a name of a seafood place...


Bob Anderson

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  1. i hope some other floridians jump in and help me as ive never been there but theres a place called dixie crossroads thats supposed to have awesome seafood and the best rock shrimp around for dining in and drinking but to go market style hit up kyles on ponce deleon in st augustine for bulk shrimp and crabs fresh locally caught daily

    1. Kyle's Seafood Market - great local fishmonger in St Augustine Heeding another Chowhounder's reminder to sometimes 'follow your nose' for good food (rather than solely relying on the boards), I stopped in at Kyle's Seafood Market last week on a whim as I was driving down to St Augustine from Jacksonville. Lots of cars were parked there so I figured it must be good.
      This place is the real Florida deal - helpful and friendly Florida locals working there with a great selection of locally caught fish and seafood. They told me that all of the fish was locally caught except for the salmon. There was also breaded and stuffed seafood and fish available.
      One of the employees filleted a vermillion snapper for me that I prepared with Indian spices that evening - delicious!

      This place is worth a detour for ready-to-eat treats as well. They had a selection of crab & fish dips available for purchase (tastings available), plus some scrumptious chowders and bisque soups. I brought some of these home for the Labor Day weekend.
      There is also a bakery and fruit & vegetable store just next door for one-stop shopping.
      Kyle's Seafood Market is down-home Florida - nothing fancy - just like it should be!
      The shop is on US1, just north of St Augustine:
      3874 N Ponce De Leon Blvd (US1)
      St Augustine, FL 32084
      (904) 824-4580

      1. Thanks Phil... I'll find it. Thanks for the reply - I can just smell those crabs now!!!