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Jun 5, 2011 01:33 PM

Seven Stars Chinese Bistro has opened on Belgrade Ave. in Roslindale

Anyone been yet? I want to try it out and give a report, as I have been keeping my eye on this place for awhile now, but don't know if I'll be able to make it happen this weekend, so I seek to live vicariously through others.....any reports?

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  1. And I was able after all to give them a here goes it. I have only eaten here this one time, but it looks promising. Counter help was super nice, however, they forgot my dipping sauces for my appetizers, but that was easily fixed by going back, and I got a very nice and sincere aplogy from the cook in the back, so as far as I'm concerned, no harm no foul. Now on to the food. We had the hot and sour soup, which was probalby the best version of this soup I have had. It had great flavor (it did need a touch more soy sauce in my opinion, so I simply added it is all, but that's my personal preference), nice heat with the perfect amount of vinegar to set it off, just really well done, and not a hint of corn starch in it (some H&S soups are just plain gloopy, this one is not). We decided not to order anything too adventerous this first time here so as to see what the chef could do with the classics, so we ordered crab rangoons and peking raviolis. Both were very good, and clearly hand made on the premisis. The crab rangoons were nice and plump, with actual, discernable clumps of crab meat in them, a Boston first for me (I have never encountered chuncks of crab at other places)!!!! The sweet chili sauce that came with them was also very good, and much better than your standard duck sauce, oh, and the there was a little spicy kick to the rangoons as well, that I thought was just awesome. The peking ravs were on the smaller size, but you get a fair amount of them (8 or so), so it was plenty, they had nice flavor and were well toasted, if I were the chef though, I would think of using a fattier cut of pork for the filling, but that is just me, and I thought they were plenty good as is. Lastly, we shared there version of kung pow beef. This was really tasty, the beef was tender and had great flavor, almost a touch charred, with nice big chunks of water chestnut, peppers and onions, and of course peanuts.....just a fantastic rendition of the dish, and unique to the seven stars. I had high hopes for this place, and if first impressions are any indication, those hopes were not misplaced. Looks like Rozzie has another great restaurant on it's hands, and I for one couldn't be happier!

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      I went there late Friday and picked up some take out, I loved the original Seven stars mandarin in Newton, this is his son's place. Although the best around, I thought the hot and sour soup could have used more vingear and spice heat, I'm wondering if they make it in small batches and it might vary depending on the batch.
      I had the pickled vegtables, wing's and hunan seame chicken, all very good. I'm torn between wishing I lived closer and glad I don't :)

      1. re: lc02139

        I went last night for some take out. I had the bbq chicken skewer which was really nicely done. I also got a green salad w/ ginger dressing that was super fresh. Peanut sauce that came with our order was also really fresh tasting.
        We also got chinese broccoli w/ garlic was really tasty and the kung pao beef was homemade tasting--nothing terribly saucy and greasy that you sometimes get. I look forward to going back to try more.

      2. re: devilham

        Got take out here again tonight, and it was sooooo good I had to bump this post. This time we ordered the orange glazed baby back ribs.....just a great rib, super tender, crispy crackly on the outside (candy coated), super tender on the in. The real standout tonight though was the beef stuffed scallion pancakes. OH. MY. GOD. those things were awesome!!!! they were rolled up and stuffed with what I think is the same short rib they user for there short rib and mustard green on a bun app, with fresh cilantro and hoisin sauce. So unique, so delicous, I can't recomend that app enough, seriously. Rounded it out with pan fried beef noodles, which were quite good, but frankly, few things could stand up to those apps.....they were simply exquisite. Seven stars has continued to impress (and this is my 6th visit so far), and is showing no signs of letting up!

      3. I had takeout from here tonight: hot-and-sour soup, crispy chicken wings, Peking ravioli and beef lo mein.

        Everything tasted lovely and fresh. The soup was neither as hot nor as sour as I'd have liked, but I agree that it was still delicious - I reckon it was the cleanest, freshest-tasting h&s soup I've ever had. The beef lo mein tasted like real ingredients rather than MSG and steam tables, and the crispy chicken wings had some faint but yummy tang to them that I enjoyed. The ravioli were a bit less of a success for me; the wrappers were quite thick and the ravioli weren't fried to quite the crispness I'd like. The filling was beautiful - again, it tasted like real ingredients - but the texture of the wrappers wasn't ideal. (To be fair, they were sitting for 20 minutes or so before I got to them, which does no dumpling any favour.)

        Full disclosure: I shared dinner with my Mom, who's a hardcore Golden Temple devotee (I'm more Chinatown-oriented). She tried the lo mein and the ravioli, and while she thought the lo mein was... fine, she was not a fan of the ravioli *at all*. She is a very unadventurous eater, though, and if something she orders deviates even a little from what she expects, she's not going to like it. But her reaction might be something to keep in mind if you're eating with someone who prefers standard American Chinese.

        For mine, though, I would be happy to investigate their menu further. While it wasn't flawless, it was really, really good - streaks beyond the usual local Chinese take-out - and I hope they thrive in that spot. Roslindale - especially that end of it - needs exactly this sort of business.

        1. I'm an old regular from their previous location. Can't wait to give it a try. What's it like to eat in? Is it mostly for take out?

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            they do have some tables, but seating is LIMITED, I would say they are mostly for takeout.....that being said, the inside is beutiful, with lots of bamboo and wood looks cozy. I would say if you were dining alone, you could have a nice meal and would probably get chatted up by the insanely nice owners and staff (I went again earlier this week and met them all...such nice people, really makes me want to support these guys).

          2. Went to Seven Stars tonight for take-out. Ordered the fried calamari with sweet chili dip, the hot and sour soup, vegetarian flat noodles, and pork and basil.

            The soup was delicious--would be more so in the middle of winter. The fried calamari was crisp and light, not greasy or soggy. Very nice.

            My DC liked the noodle dish and the pork was charred in spots yet not overdone. All the food was fresh tasting and solidly good. It's obviously cooked to order and not ladled out of a pot that's been sitting there as with many places where your order is ready within 5 minutes.

            This food is much better than any other Chinese food in the greater area (JP, Roslindale, W. Roxbury). It's a keeper for us. And, as already said, the counter person and the owner are charming and friendly. Looking forward to trying other things on the menu.

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            1. re: cwinboston

              Ordered takeout here last night. Was delicious. General Gaos was amazing and actually tasted like chicken instead of mushy clumps of meat.

              This is my new go to spot for chinese. Blows anything in west roxbury out of the water.

              1. re: hynespb

                I was there last night also. Ate in with my family, perhaps you saw us there. As mentioned earlier I was a regular in Newton for many years. I'm glad that they have reappeared. Food was very fresh tasting and well prepared. A special shout out to the orange soy glazed ribs. Tender, tangy, and just the right amount of crisp. One of the best things I've had anywhere in a while.

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                  I ate there Sunday and and as my father said it was better that the original. The glazed pork ribs were awesome, and I had recently been jonesing for the Hunan Sesame Chicken and the very slightly updated version was tender, perfectly seasoned and balanced, bright and lively and the scallion pancakes were light, fluffy and crispy, I only wished i could have a Tsingtao along with it all. I am really happy that Chris opened this new location and I will return soon, for sure.

            2. Let me preface this with I will be back.

              That said, the hot and sour soup was sorely lacking in both the hot and sour component. Disappointing. It was, however, not cornstarchy and fresh tasting. - as was all the food.

              I seriously hope they get the message on the soup cause I'll not order it again unless it improves.

              The Peking ravioli were smallish but delicious.

              The shredded chicken with spicy bean sauce wasn't the least bit spicy ( hello?) but was very tasty. And cooked in a way that you know they cared.

              Shrimp fried rice: sorry, but total fail. Rice component very bland; not what you want from fried rice. But what was worse was that the shrimp was sogggy, breaded and fried. Like tiny popcorn shrimp in fried rice. Sorry but that was disgusting. Soggy, bready underseasoned shrimp in fried rice. Yuck.

              Overall, though, i can understand why people like the place.

              No owner or staff love while I waited . That's fine, since they have a tv.

              The shredded chicken with spicy bean