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Macaroni and cheese

About 8 weeks ago on the food network they covered comfort food.
They mentioned a place in this area , famous for a huge variety of Macaroni and Cheese , one with lobster. I want to plan a road trip and can't find any info on this on their website. Any ideas?

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  1. Embargo?

    I love their Lobster mac 'n cheese.

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      CCG- Finally tried the lobster mac n'cheese at Embargo.
      Holy cow! Will gladly pay full price during happy hour for
      that dish. Now added to the favorites list there, thanks!

    2. I don't know what you saw on the food network, but the best homemade lobster macaroni & cheese is at The Grey Goose, in Southport, CT.

      1. What "area" are you talking about? This board covers 3 states...lots of mac & cheese in 3 states...can you narrow it down?

        1. The best lobster mac and cheese I ever had was at The Loft in North Andover, MA. There are a lot of ways to completely mess that dish up! The Loft does it right. I hope it was the place you saw.

            1. re: hilltowner

              Really, this is it. The link talks about her vs Bobby Flay in a throwdown. I checked Food Network, and the episode was aired in April.

            2. Capital Grille- Providence and Stamford

              Capital Grille
              1 Union Sta Ste 1, Providence, RI 02903

              1. Could be Carole Peck's Good News Cafe in Woodbury, CT.

                Good News Cafe
                694 Main St S, Woodbury, CT 06798

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                  Could be Victor's in PTown, or Pond House Cafe in Hartford, or Benjamin's in Newport.

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                    The truffle oil ruins Carol Pecks mac and cheese!

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                      J&J, that's added at the end (if you do take out they give it to you in a little container to add it at home) so you can ask them to leave it off if you prefer.

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                        thanks! I will remember that the next time I go.

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                          Now that this thread has just been resurrected, I find myself wishing that I had ordered Carole's lobster m&c for dinner tonight (Good Friday). It's a bit pricey as an entree, ca $28, but you get the papadums and bread, and when we make a nice salad, the serving is enough for the two of us for dinner at home. Whenever either of us has had it in the restaurant we always wind up taking half home anyway.

                          Oh well, tonight it will be mussels in a garlic-butter sauce over whole grain thin spaghetti -- with the same big salad.

                  2. The only one which I know of is Great its called S-Mac in the east village in NY many types of Mac and cheese only in NY can a restaurant like this make a go. As far as Lobster Mac and cheese Keller introduced it at least 10 years ago ad the French Laundry now everone is on the band wagon but to make it like his its takes a good day or so to do it right.

                    1. My guess is
                      Macdaddy's Macaroni & Cheese Bar, Monroe, CT

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                      1. re: DonShirer

                        Doubt this not yet opened restaurant was freatured 8 weeks ago as famous. It's just a coming attraction

                        1. re: bagelman01

                          Why even speculate? As someone mentioned "this area" encompasses three entire states.

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                            I'm not speculating, I merely informed Don that the restaurtant he mentioned is a 'coming attraction' NOT open for business. I wouldn't want any CHer to waste $4 gas driving to a not yet open location (even if its sign is up for months).

                            1. re: bagelman01

                              Thanks, bagelman. I assumed it would have opened by now without having gone by recently. My bad.

                              1. re: DonShirer

                                my kids are very disappointed every time we drive by, so they settle for hot dogs from Botsford Drve In and fries at Five Guys

                                Trumbull-Monroe-Newtown, aa culinary wasteland

                        2. re: DonShirer

                          Update, MacDaddy's is open.............


                          Now for the bad news.

                          Little hole in the wall strip center joint. In center with Wild Bill,s Sal's Pizza, Fitness 4000.

                          Extensive menu of Mac n chesse with added ingredients, BUT very expensive.

                          Meal sized portions are $9-$25 with most $15-17. Just not worth the price for no ambience and good but not fantastic food.

                          Want a salad to go with all those carbs? add another $7.

                          This is not Manahattan and these prices will never fly in Monroe. I wish them luck, but doubt they'll be around next year.

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                            UPDATE 8 Months later.

                            My 23 year old daughter convinced me to take her to dinner here last night at 8:30 PM.

                            There were 12 patrons, I was the only one over 30 years of age. Daughter had a snack size Buffalo Chicken Mac N Cheese. Mac with some dried out gristly chicken with a drizzle of buffalo sauce across the top of the skillet. Daughter ate about 1/4 of the skillet, said she was full and took the rest home. This morning I found the full container in the garbage.

                            I had the Mac Ala Vodka, regular size. It came out looking beautiful and bubbling away. Unfortunately, it was only the top layer of melted cheese that was really hot, the inner mac was tepid. The pieces of proscuiito tasted as it they were diced ordinary deli ham. The sauce was tasry and of good consistency. I ate half and took the rest home to my wife. Wife had one taste and offered it to the dogs (poor dogs). Wife tasted the phony proscuitto immediately and was turned off.

                            We each had a fountain soda, Cost $35.

                            We examined the menu and found most dished had att leats one ingredient that put us off. Daughter was interested in the Lobster Mac, but the description on the to go menu and the description on the menu board were not the same. The menu board had a hot chili pepper listed that was not of interest.

                            Veryuncomfortable molded plastic chairs, dark walls and ceilings. This restaurant beloings in Downtown Hartford or New Haven in the bar/club district, not in rural Monroe.

                            The manager was overheard discussing plans with a customer, that the model they were copying was located on/near major college campuses. Don't know how college students could afford these prices.

                            1. re: bagelman01

                              it was a disastrous failure in georgetown, ct some time ago...do a search for the old thread. not only was it horrible, the owners got someone to come onto chowhound and post a fake review saying how great it was. fortunately, the ch-powers-that-be were on top of it and removed the thread asap.

                              the restaurant was in and out of georgetown quicker than a flash in the pan (hah - pun completely intended)

                        3. I'm pretty sure that's Nick's on Broadway in Providence. He was on the food network, and it was because of his mac and cheese.

                          1. Could it be Providence's La Laiterie (the restaurant attached to Farmstead cheese shop)?

                            La Laiterie
                            184-188 Wayland Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

                            1. All I know is, I want to go and personally try each place myself!

                              1. The best I have had is at Aspen Restaurant at Saybrook Furniture Barn in Old Saybrook. I have tried a few in the area and hands down they are the best but call ahead to see if it's on the menu.


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                                  uglyAmerican in Fall River Mass, has deep fried Mac & Cheese Poppers

                                2. I don't think this was the place mentioned on the food channel, but if you happen to be in New Haven, Caseus on Trumbull Street does a mean mac & cheese. They offer it with lobster, but I've never had it like that. Their grilled cheese sandwiches are outstanding as well.