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Jun 5, 2011 10:16 AM

Santino’s Bar One

I went by the old Santino’s Bar One on Rt. 33 in Robbinsville yesterday morning and noticed that they had a new sign up. It’s something like xxxx Mediterranean Bar and Grill. I was going too fast to get the first name.

I assume it’s under new management. Is it open yet and has anyone been there? If so, how’s the food and prices?

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  1. Santino's closed in 2010. They apparently stiffed the landlord, among other issues, so Sharbell has been very careful about getting a new tenant so as to not get burned twice. The new restaurant is not open yet, it is called Poseiden Mediterreanean Grill and Bar. Allegedly more emphasis on restaurant than bar (unlike the prior incarnation). Different owners. Liquor license in process of being transferred. I drive past every morning on the way to work and they appear to be still doing interior renovations.

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      Anyone been to Poseiden yet? I have a friend hounding me to go there, but I really don't trust his palate as he's given me terrible recommendations in the past. Any thoughts? -mJ

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        I have only been for drinks on Friday night once -- the crowd could best described as Real Housewives of NJ and Jersey Shore had a love child. Friend of mine have been for a few meals, plus happy hour -- they found crab dishes most enjoyable and everything else was described as good - quite good, however, nothing was memorable.

        I will say, I like that they changed the restaurant around. The bar is now when you walk in and seperated from the dining area. At the very least, try the happy hour to see if it is worth giving dinner a try.