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Jun 5, 2011 09:59 AM

Opinions on Dining Groups

So I joined an online Food and Wine Group On centered in the Bucks and Montgomery County areas. I'm looking to meet some new friends who share my interests. I'm single - most of my friends are married. And, a majority of them take off for the shore on weekends. I thought it would be a neat way to meet new people.

Has anyone been a part of these groups? What were your experiences like?

Their next meetup is next Sunday at Le Gourmet European Bistro in North Wales - its $25 for BYOB and Tapas. Seems like a good deal and a chance to check things out!

Help me out Chowhound friends!

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  1. I haven't tried one. They don't have such groups in this area. But, it sounds like fun. Be sure to post back what you thought. I'd be curious.