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Jun 5, 2011 09:28 AM

What to do with ginger peaches

last summer was my first summer canning and in my excitement, I put up waaaaay too many peaches in ginger syrup. I'm trying to use up all of last summers bounty, but I've run out of ideas w/ the ginger peaches. Anyone have any ideas they want to share?

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  1. Serve chilled with a dollop of mascarpone cheese and some fresh mint?

    1. Brew some ginger peach ice tea. Make ginger peach flavored vodka.

      1. Ice cream

        Use it to stuff french toast

        Reduce with some balsamic vinegar and make a sauce for pork chops or loin

        1. puree some and mix into a free-form sort of trifle with either pound cake or angel food cake and fresh whipped cream. use that same puree idea over a cheesecake or ricotta tart.

          dice, mix with pastry cream and stuff cream puffs.

          have over waffles, with vanilla ice cream, or in between buckwheat pancakes with lots of butter.

          are they too sweet to have savory purposing? they might be nice with quick-fried salty shrimp or over pork chops.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! @Hotoynoodle, def not too sweet for savory, I like the idea of pairing with shrimp!