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Jun 5, 2011 07:54 AM

Salute to Israel Parade- NYC

Are there any kosher casual (pizza, etc) places near the end of the parade route (5th Avenue and 74th Street)?

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  1. I was going to suggest bagels and co. 1428 York Ave, New York, NY 10021, between 76 and 75th, but I can't find any kosher information on that location anymore.

    Here is the phone number if you want to the proverbial leg work, (212) 717-0505 and the literal leg work of walking.

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    1. re: vallevin

      Looking for something closer to
      5th avenue. Not bothering is not
      an option when there are small children involved. Thanks

    2. My advice, don't bother. Every place close to central park(either East or West side) will be beyond a zoo. It's just not worth fighting that many Jews for a slice of mediocre pizza.

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      1. re: avitrek

        Ditto. Pack snacks and have a picnic in the park, because every kosher restaurant in walking distance will have lines out the door.

        1. re: GilaB

          Understood, but I would still appreciate names and locations of
          the places...

          1. re: EmpireState

            if you have a smartphone, best thing to do is download the kosher app, and itll find places based on where you end up

            just search kosher gps in your market

            1. re: EmpireState

              There's not much nearby that's both reasonably priced and with a widely-recognized hechsher. Are you willing to take the subway or a cab?

              1. re: GilaB

                Just spoke with my mom, she and my sister and my nephews walked back to 48th street to Cafe K...they were very happy with it. They got a few personal pizzas.

                1. re: vallevin

                  I assumed that the OP wanted something within a few blocks, as they were with children who'd presumably already walked the length of the parade.

                  1. re: GilaB

                    Me too, but when I looked at the map and where my sister was, Cafe K was her closest option going downtown. (which they wanted to get closer to the subway lines)

        2. We did Hana's pizza on Lex between 90 and 91. It was a hike, but we were already pumped and hungry. As usual, the wait was short, the pizza and falafel were disappointing and it was hot and crowded in the store. That said, it did the trick. We felt a heck of a lot better heading home with full stomachs. Next year in Jerusalem or with a bagged lunch.

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          1. re: cappucino

            Thanks all. Since there was nothing kosher nearby, we wound up getting some snacks in a grocery store after we finished marching and ate a real meal on our way home... On a side note, the parade was fantastic!

          2. Every year I wonder why no kosher food concessions show up at the parade. Is there some sort of city ordinance that would make a permit for a single Sunday too difficult to be workable?

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            1. re: AdinaA

              Dougies used to show, but cannot remember how long ago that was. Aron's Kissena Farms had burgers, dogs, and snacks if you ventured into the park by 72nd and the summer stage but there were really long lines. Did not see prices.

              1. re: AdinaA

                There are vendors by summer stage every year. Beyond that the city is fairly strict about park vending licenses. I wonder why some of the kosher food trucks didn't set up a couple avenues over though? I guess the UES residents might cause problems.

                1. re: AdinaA

                  The people on the floats used to throw food. Dougies once came around with sliders on a tray. My kids still talk about that. A cart at each of the park entrances would be nice.

                  1. re: cappucino

                    Those carts at the entrances all have central park vendor permits which cost a lot of money. See this story for details,
                    You can't just show up the day of the parade and start selling food. And good luck getting the normal carts certified for 1 day. At least most of the ice cream is kosher.

                2. Just as a reference for folks- we ended up walking down to Dakshin after the parade (63rd and 1st; not much worse than cafe K if you were walking). Wouldn't have worked with kids, but it was pretty empty, and they do a $13pp buffet for lunch that was quite good.