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Jun 5, 2011 06:50 AM

Authentic Japanese MIdtown West?

My wife and I just moved from UWS to Midtown West near Port Authority. We're looking for an authentic and reasonably priced Japanese place that delivers. Not so much sushi but more Japanese comfort foods, like karage, shogayaki, okyakodon, etc. (Bento Delight was our go to joint on UWS.) We've tried Ajisai and Azuki so far with no luck; the food is not the real deal, their recipes more fusion-ized. Love Go Go Curry, but can only do curry so often. Saw Washoku changed to Ronin but they don't deliver yet. Hagi doesn't deliver. Any help out there getting a taste of home in the heart of NYC?

Go Go Curry
273 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

152 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019

Ronin Bar & Grill
9 E 37th St, New York, NY 10016

520 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018

615 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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  1. Blue Ribbon Sushi at 59th opposite Time Warner Ctr.

    Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill
    308 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

    1. Yakitori Totto has Karage, Oyakodon, and some great other japanese comfort foods, like chicken knee bone yakitori. It is a great go-to restaurant. Only downside is it's small and the wait can be bad at dinner time.

      Yakitori Totto
      251 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019