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Jun 5, 2011 05:55 AM

New BBQ in Cranston

There is a new BBQ establishment in Cranston. Rubbin Butts - 796 Atwood Avenue

Cranston, RI 0292

So far I have had the Carolina pulled pork and the Brisket. Both were very tender and had great flavor.

The sides while good are reheated in Microwaves, hopefully this will change as business expands.

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  1. Went here last week. Pulled pork was delish. Really tender and moist - best I've had in RI. That said, all the sides ARE microwaved, and that is pretty disappointing. The mac and cheese ended up being really gloppy because of it. The sides were tasty, but were either too hot or too cold or just mushed out due to the microwave. I really hope they do well, but the microwave is messing them up!