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Jun 5, 2011 05:51 AM

Commercial Blue Cheese Dressing

Is there a product that tastes like blue cheese? The ones l have tried seem to taste far more chemical. Low end or high end, none tastes the the ones found in restaurants. Assume that one is from Sysco, but they do not sell to general public.

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  1. Litehouse.
    And no, it's not "light"as in lo cal. Litehouse is the brand name. Should be avail in the cold section of a decent sized grocer. It's not one of those standard full of sugar and chemicals salad dressings. It's savory, tangy, and has real ingredients, and not a bunch of things listed that have 26 letters.

    I can't STAND sugar laden, cheap, chemical salad dressings. I am actually HAPPY to buy this Litehouse stuff. Marie's would come in second for me as far as major, national brands. Kraft, and Wish Bone are both horrendously over sugared, and full of mystery ingredients.

    I've never tried the "light" version of either. Usually "light" means they remove fat, and add sugar. I think sweet, sugar coated salads are just plain wrong. Full fat/flavor for me.

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      I've tried all the store bought bleu chesse dressings and don't like any of them. When I was younger and my palette less experienced, and less of a chef, I 'd always get Marie's.

      Several years ago I had a coupon for LItehouse. It ended up costing like 25 cents, so I gave it a try. I found it too sweet. I don't know why the commercial brands have to add sugar to everything.

      These days I just make my own bleu cheese dressing. Sour cream, a little mayo, lemon juice or vinegar, salt and pepper. Or just crumbled blue cheese in a vinagrette. So simple.

      On a wedge of cold, compact iceberg lettuce and a few ripe tomato wedges.....Oh Boy!!!

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        The Litehouse yogurt blue cheese dressing with kefir is also pretty good. The yogurt gives it a decidely tangy note.

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          I like Litehouse well enough, also, but sometimes I punch it up a bit by adding more blue cheese. Homemade is best, as others have noted here.

        2. Given how simple it is to make your own, I think more of us should make the time to make our own dressings.

          For blue cheese dressings you could even grab the crumbles instead of a wedge to save time. A good blue cheese dressing will have mayo, buttermilk, garlic/onion powder, black pepper, maybe some parsley or chives and lots and lots of chunks of blue cheese.

          Trying harder to be good these days though I've been trying to stick to vinaigrette. Take a 1 cup tubberware container with a really tight lid -- good balsamic vinegar, olive oil salt, pepper and any herbs you like. Shake and you're done. Sometimes I'll add a wad of good spicy mustard to mix it up.

          1. Make your own, it's so easy. Blue Cheese, either wedge or crumbles, sour cream, garlic powder, salt & pepper, parsley, a shake of cayenne pepper, a dash of milk, just to thin it out.
            Combine in food processor. Vary the amount of milk for thickness, and use a s a dip, thicker, or a salad dressing, thinner. Everyone says it is the best they've ever had. Maybe a little lime juice too.

            1. I am a huge fan of Bob's Big Boy - there are indeed a few "mystery ingredients" in there, but it is thick, pungent and tastes so extremely funky in that delightful blue cheesy way. They also make Roquefort, which I find even more delicious. I love it so much that I actually have friends on the west coast ship it to me, since I can't find it in NYC!

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                This one is the closest I found to Bob's Big Boys Bleu Cheese dressing. I usually add some cracked black pepper to this.

              2. I always keep some blue cheese dressing around for chicken wings because the takeout wing places never seem to give enough, and charge outrageous prices for extra cups of dressing. The Naturally Fresh brand has been the best that I've found.

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                1. re: TuteTibiImperes

                  +1 on Naturally Fresh. All others are a few notches below for my taste, duly noting that yes-- homemade is best.