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terrific new things at North!!!

MRS Jun 5, 2011 05:30 AM

Over the last few months, The Husband and I have really enjoyed NOT having a set plan for dinner on a Sat night and winging it when it comes to where to go. Without fail, we both find ourselves jonesing for something at North and so we head on up, wait for seats at the bar and graze. Last night that's exactly what we did.
It took a bit longer to get drinks and a spot at the bar than it has the last few times, but in fairness, it seemed that the bar area was particularly busy with people who had the same idea we did. Sit, drink, relax and enjoy. We started with the mushroom flatbread which is my all-time favorite thing to start with there. From there, we decide to try a few things that are now part of the summer menu. I was having a very hard time deciding between the soft-shell crab dish and the porchetta. On our last visit, I had a bit of both because I couldn't decide. Both excellent but I wanted to commit to only one.
The Husband started w/an appetizer of the cavatelli with a soft poached egg ( i think it was, he got to it before I could admire) w/ a touch of black pepper and lamb and pancetta. It was SO delicious that I regretted not ordering my own b/c he practically inhaled it and there was little left for me. It was light, but rich from the egg. And the pasta was perfectly cooked. I want this for sure on my next visit!! It was standout!!
I ordered the soft-shell crab entree. I love them when they are in season. I love them even more at North. It was the 1st thing I ever ate there on our very visit. The preparation last night is a terrific summery way to enjoy soft shell crab. 3 very lightly battered, crispy crab over a wonderful salad of greens, olives, purple potato and a sort of vichyssoise underneath. Atop the crabs was a bright and fresh gremolata. Delicious. I should've been "good" and eaten more of the greens ( they were dressed so well), but for some reason, I was deeply into the potatoes and finding pieces of the olive to eat with bites of crab. The Husband does not like soft shell crab, but he loved what he swiped from me last night.
The Husband decided he wanted to try the Wild Mushroom Lasagna with truffled ricotta, asparagus and ramps.This dish has some of the same elements and flavors I love in the flatbread, but this a softer, creamier combination of those flavors. It was deliciously rich, but still feels like you're eating light little bites in each forkful because of the asparagus and the fact that the lasagna isn't overcome w/ sauce. Perfect. We fought each other for the last bite.
We generally do not order desert b/c we usually eat so much dinner that we can't. But, I really wanted to try the apple-rhubard upside down cake. It's worth the wait because when it came out, it was hot and slightly crispy on the outside, but soft and fruity on the inside. So good. Honestly the only reason there was anything left on the plate is because I was stuffed from our dinner.
On the way home, deeply satiated, we debated on whether THIS dinner was our best at North, or the one a few weeks ago when we kinda went hog-wild on the ordering. We couldn't decide.
However, now I have more things to jones for a Saturday night!!! There is always something new to be surprised by.

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  1. roxlet RE: MRS Jun 6, 2011 01:18 PM

    Thanks for the update, MRS! We are going toward the end of the month, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the soft shell crabs are still available. They are one of my very favorite things, but also something that my husband doesn't like. Everything sounds fabulous -- as usual -- and I am excited to try the early summer menu since we last had the early spring one.

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